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Kanye West Shares Yet Another Weird Instagram Post

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Kanye West is back at it with the cryptic social media posts. After taking a long break from social media, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s split has brought him back out of the woodwork. Keep reading to see what he is doing now.

Kanye West is back on Instagram

Rapper and former husband to Kim Kardashian, Kanye West is back on social media after taking a massive break. Originally, he dropped off because he was essentially asked to. He bullied Kim Kardashian and her now ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson non-stop. Finally, Kanye told them he would stop and he dropped off the internet. However, now he’s back and it honestly seems like nothing has changed with his behavior.

This time though, he’s sharing a cryptic post in relation to fashion instead of in relation to Pete and Kim.

“Look to the children. Look to the homeless. As the biggest inspiration for all design,” Kanye West writes The Sun reports.

Kanye West | Youtube
Kanye West | Youtube

Of course, fans were pretty confused as to what this means and let him know in the comments.

“What does the mean Kanye?”

“Kanye you are my inspiration.”

With Kanye, there is really no telling. Chances are, he will end up deleting this post like he has all of his other posts.

Kanye West | Instagram
Kanye West | Instagram

Kanye’s jab at Pete

Of course, Pete and Kim couldn’t break up without Kanye getting involved. Right after it happened, he decided to break his Instagram silence with what looked to be a fake newspaper. The headline read “Skete Davidson dead at 28.”

While on his rampage to make fun of Pete and split him and Kim up, Kanye opted to call Pete ‘Skete’ instead. So of course, he had to make one more post with Skete in it.

Needless to say, Kim was appalled by this action. However, Kanye didn’t stop there. He went on to tell people that they broke up because Kim wants to be with Kanye.

“Kanye has been telling people that Kim broke up with Pete to get back with him, but this is not going to happen,” a source reports.

Kanye, however, was quick to say that the feeling isn’t mutual. Looking at his past behavior, this seems pretty suspicious.

Do you think Kanye is telling the truth? Or do you think he wants to get back together with Kim Kardashian? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Be sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more updates on all of your favorite Kardashians stars.

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