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Erich Schwer Talks Friendships Switchup, And Gabby’s Grandpa

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Gabby Windey and Erich Schwer are cute as they navigate a growing relationship on The Bachelorette. When they got ready for their first one-on-one date they were joined by Gabby’s grandpa, John. He instantly became everyone’s grandpa and had fans campaigning for him to be the first silver Bachelor.

Erich revealed he was excited to get to know them. Tia Booth, Joe Amabile, and Natasha Parker had to know what he really thought on their podcast Click Bait with Bachelor Nation. He was more than happy to talk about how much he enjoyed Grandpa John. In a word, Erich said he was a “riot.” Read on to see how it was spending time with John plus the friendships Erich made while filming.

Erich Schwer, YouTube
Erich Schwer, YouTube

Erich Schwer Loved Spending Time With Grandpa

Erich Schwer said that the date was such a treat and they didn’t show the whole thing. It was obvious, but he reiterated, that he didn’t get a word in. He said John was, “telling us stories about how he got buried in a snowstorm and he just kept going. Then he just fell asleep. It was hilarious. We had a really fun day.”

Erich Schwer, YouTube
Erich Schwer, YouTube

Erich said spending that time helped him get to know Gabby a lot better and he said he loved that her grandpa gave him a hard time. Furthermore, he was able to show he could roll with the punches. Erich along with the other men that felt more for Gabby split from the rest of the group, but there was one man who had been a bit undecided, Logan Palmer. While it was a little awkward at first, Erich said they all realize they’re on their own journey.

He Addressed The Friendship Switch Going On

Along with Bachelor fans, Erich Schwer saw Logan switch from Rachel Recchia’s group to Gabby Windey’s group. This caused some tension, but Erich said according to Bachelor Nation, it was just because they were in shock. He said, “Logan was a guy that I connected with right off the bat back at the house.”

It was added that he was happy to see him but then realized they were competing now that he switched to Gabby’s side of things. Erich added that Logan talked to them all about his choice and made it clear he wasn’t just bouncing around. He said they shouldn’t have cared about the competition because “your relationship with Gabby should just be between you and her.”

When Logan talked to them about his decision, he made it clear it hadn’t been something he took lightly. What do you think about Erich and Gabby’s date with her grandpa? Were you onboard with Logan making a switch to the other group? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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