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Does Aven Jones See A Future With Rachel Recchia?

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Aven Jones is currently working on winning Rachel Recchia’s heart on The Bachelorette. The guys have split into two groups now. Those who are there for Rachel and have the best connection with her and those who connect more with Gabby Windey. He had a nice one-on-one date with her this week where he saw a glimpse of her future. While they were walking in Belgium they came across lace makers and they gave Rachel a veil.

When she put the veil on, Aven raised it and kissed her. He talked to Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson on their podcast about the date. He said when he kissed her while she wore the veil he said, “it was kind of like, I don’t want to say out-of-body experience, but it really made me think into the future when you do something like that.”

Aven Jones Said It Was Easy To Go With The Flow

Aven Jones posted about getting the rose in France on his Instagram. He said, “A rose in France just hits a little different. To Belgium we go.” Moreover, he added he was going with the flow on the date. The veil just came up and he embraced it. He noted, “I realized why people value doing that and that moment in their lives. You lift the veil and it’s the unveiling of the rest of your life.”

Aven Jones, YouTube
Aven Jones, YouTube

The hosts asked him if he thought about proposing and he said it crossed his mind. He envisioned himself at the altar according to Bachelor Nation. Aven said, “nothing that was thrown at us was going to throw us off. The veil was just another part of the date, and it was awesome.” Finally, Aven acknowledged it was a big moment for both of them.

He Said His Parent’s Relationship Shaped Him

Aven Jones said growing up with separated parents made him who he is today. More so, he said his parents weren’t ever really together. He shared that his mom stayed in Chicago and his dad moved to Boston. Furthermore, it was hard for him to see his mom when he was in school. He had a busy schedule and he lived in Boston with his dad.

Aven said that he saw her maybe once a year when he was traveling to play yet they talked on the phone a lot. While the upbringing was challenging to him, he said it was, “nice to have their different aspects during different chapters of my life, and I’ve tried to take the best from both of them and create as much as I can for myself.”

What do you think of the veiled kiss between Aven and Rachel? Do you think they could be end game? Comment with your thoughts down below.


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