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’90 Day Fiance’: What Exactly Is Patrick’s Profession?

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There has been a lot of secrecy this season of 90 Day Fiance. Bilal started off with a lie when it came to where he lived. Emily almost did not tell her father she was pregnant on her wedding day. That has actually helped spice up a very dull year. As for Patrick Mendes and his fiancee, Thais, they have had a very rocky road. Living together was not the easy trip they thought it would be. Though he spoiled her to woo her, he tightened up once she came to America. Yet, what exactly does he do to make his money?

Patrick Wins Over His 90 Day Fiance

With Thais being in Brazil, Patrick made an extra effort to get her attention. He had learned Portuguese to connect with his family over in Brazil and that was how he met his love. This caused him to keep going back and, with that, he would shower Thais with gifts and anything she wanted. Eventually, he proposed and she came to America, probably under the assumption that he would spoil her as he did all along. He did not skimp on self-care to prep for her arrival, either. Patrick got a haircut, tanned, and had himself waxed, he was ready for his fiancee to come and live her best life.

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When she arrived, she was taken aback by the fact that he and his brother were so close. Patrick’s brother lived in the house and did not have much of a filter. Furthermore, Thais was not happy when she and Patrick went shopping for stuff for their home and he would not spend extra money. She also never shared with her father that she was moving to America and getting married. So, this is not really a match made in heaven. Plus, Patrick is quite elusive about his finances. Until the duo is married, Thais has no need to know what goes on, according to Patrick.

What Exactly Does Patrick Do For A Living?

In the past, the 90 Day Fiance star was a bodybuilder. However, he lost it all for using a banned substance to enhance his performance. He had also been married before which gave him trust issues with Thais so it does explain a lot. What is not really explained is what his profession is now that he is not bodybuilding. According to The Overtimer, fans felt that he was involved with an MLM. This is quite popular with reality stars such as the Sister Wives ladies. They are actually quite successful. When Thais was asked via Instagram if that is what Patrick does, it got lost in translation.

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Thais, Patrick

She went on to speculate what his profession is. Per Thais, he does honest work and has grown his team. That does not tell much but she wanted any rumors shut down. “So anything different you read is a lie and probably someone very envious who never got what he got,” added Thais. LinkedIn says he has worked for Vivint Smart Home for almost a decade so why doesn’t she just say that? It is still up in the air as to what his true job is but maybe he will reveal it at the tell-all.

What do you think of Thais’ explanation? Let us know and watch 90 Day Fiance Sundays on TLC.


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