Why Lindsie Chrisley’s Ex-Husband Fueled Pregnancy Rumors?

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As TvShowsAce previously reported, Lindsie Chrisley’s ex-husband Will Campbell fueled rumors that she was pregnant and expecting baby #2. Now, learning this information left fans of Todd’s family scratching their heads. Why would her ex-husband start a rumor she was pregnant with her second baby? He wasn’t with her anymore and a child with a different man would just make their situation more complicated, so why would he try to complicate things with this nasty rumor?

Now, Lindsie Chrisley didn’t outright say “this is why Will started these rumors.” Lindsie, however, did detail what her ex-husband starting the rumors was doing to her mentally and emotionally. Sadly, fans tuning into the podcast had a clear picture of what was going on.

For Will Campbell, what he was doing to his ex-wife Lindsie Chrisley wasn’t really about anyone believing she was pregnant with baby #2. It was merely a malicious and toxic attack on her mentality. According to her recall on what happened and how she felt afterward, his plan was working.

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Real reason Lindsie Chrisley’s ex-husband started pregnancy rumor?

According to Lindsie’s recount of what happened on her podcast, her ex-husband Will is to blame for the pregnancy rumors.

Literally for probably, like, two or two and a half months, I don’t even know how long it’s been going on … But, every time I was communicating with Will, or I would drop something off at his house, or he would pick something up here, or we would see each other because of Jackson, he would be like, ‘So how far along are you?’ And like, ‘Hey preggers.’”

Now, Lindsie’s co-host, Caroline Manus, was shocked and horrified. It was clear she thought Will’s words were inappropriate. Lindsie, however, admitted she struggled a bit mentally and emotionally with it. By accusing her of being pregnant, Will left Lindie Chrisley feeling insecure about herself.

She continued: “I was like, ‘wait, is he calling me, like, fat?’ … Why is he calling me this? Is this an insecurity that he’s dealing with and that’s why I’m being called pregnant? I will literally stand and look at myself in the mirror and be like ‘OK, do I look pregnant?’ Like, am I the crazy one?”

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She knows her ex-husband will deny all of it

Knowing her ex-husband Will very well, Lindsie admits that she knows he will deny this version of the story being true. She explains that Will Campbell will insist she’s just being dramatic and he was only joking when he said those things to her. Lindsie even revealed that Will took what he will claim to have been a joke so far as to ask if Jackson knew about the baby.

She concluded: “I am not pregnant. Not that I owe [him] that explanation or that it’s any of [his] business,” she continued. “And if I was, [he’d] be the last person to find out at this point.”

Some Chrisley Knows Best fans wonder if Will is jealous of her new relationship and seized an opportunity to chip away at her self-esteem. What do you think about Lindsie Chrisley’s ex-husband starting this rumor? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on the Chrisley family.

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