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Uncle Dale Mills Shares What Aunt KiKi Really Loves

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OutDaughtered fans really appreciate the healthy, loving marriage that Crystal and Dale Mills share. To the Busby girls, they’re Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale. But the couple really knows how to devote quality time to one another.

So what does Aunt KiKi really love about her husband? It’s true that he’s a devoted father and uncle. But what does she love about him as a husband? Could it be his muscular legs? Keep reading to see what Uncle Dale had to say.

Aunt KiKi loves one particular asset of Uncle Dale’s

OutDaughtered stars Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale love exercise and keeping themselves in great shape. They believe in fitness — but that’s not what Aunt KiKi necessarily adores about her husband.

So what does she really love?

Dale Mills from Instagram
Dale Mills/Instagram

According to Dale, it has to do with his facial hair.

“KiKi loves the mustache… #eyesontheroad,” Uncle Dale captioned a post on Instagram. In the photo, Dale is looking off in the distance and smirking. His mustache hasn’t fully grown in, but his face is covered in stubble. He also tagged his wife in the corner.

Uncle Dale from Instagram
Dale Mills/Instagram

The Instagram post was probably a joke between Crystal and Dale, but followers couldn’t help but notice that his stubble does look pretty great.

Are you a fan of Uncle Dale’s facial hair? Or do you wish he would shave? Be sure to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments. Share your ideas with everyone else!

The Busby girls’ favorite uncle looks for a new adventure

For fans that are dying for more OutDaughtered content, there is a bit of good news. TLC still hasn’t made any official announcement about the show’s future, but Dale Mills is stepping up and delivering more content.

The TLC personality announced that he’s launching his very own podcast. He needs something to fill his time when he isn’t being a great father and uncle, after all.

“We are officially Podcasters!” Dale Mills captioned a recent Instagram post. “Equipment is all hooked up and we are recording our teaser episode today! Be on the lookout for it! Come subscribe on Apple Podcast and Spotify.”

Dale Mills from Instagram
Dale Mills/Instagram

The Dale not Dale Podcast is already live and has three episodes available to stream at the moment. Danielle Busby appeared as a guest in the third episode.

If you’ve had a chance to listen to Uncle Dale’s new podcast, what do you think about it? Let everyone know your true sentiments in the comments.

OutDaughtered fans may have to wait a bit longer for news of the show’s future, but there will be more stories to share about the cast in the meantime. Stay tuned for more stories like this one.

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