The Truth Behind Kylie Jenner’s Seemingly Scammy Giveaway

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Social media influencers & marketing firms tend to team up every now and then to give fans a chance to win cash, branded merchandise, and more. This is something fans have also seen happening on the KarJenner Instagram accounts. Kylie Jenner recently posted about a giveaway that has fans questioning its legitimacy. Amid regular Kardashian drama, posts like these seem very out of the ordinary. So much so that fans even think their account might have been hacked, or it’s a big elaborate scam.

So, what is the truth behind these giveaways? Are they really authentic? Keep reading to find out!

Kylie Jenner Offers $70,000 USD Cash In A Her Latest Giveaway

On Tuesday, Kylie Jenner posted about a similar giveaway on Instagram. She posed beside several branded handbags and goodies as she sat in a sultry way on the stairs.

Kylie Jenner YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The reality star captioned the post, “want to WIN my favorite handbag collection and $70,000 USD cash??!! #sponsored total prize valued at $100,000 USD!!! so epic

“All you have to do is: FOLLOW @rapidriseofficial + everyone they follow right now. TAG a friend in the comments on this pic (the giveaway post) on @rapidriseofficial. Make sure your profile is set to public. good luck! #ElevateYourLifestyle”, the post continued.

She also confirmed that the giveaway closes on August 12, 2022, at midnight, PST time.

Fans Claim Kylie Jenner Got ‘A Fat Cheque’ For The Sweepstakes

On a Reddit forum, fans called out the Kylie Cosmetics’ owner for posting these scammy sweepstakes.

The OP posted, “How is this still happening? It’s a scam, right? But why does she still do it?”

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[Source: Instagram]

Fans chimed in the comment section as one mentioned, “Not sure if anyone actually wins but she probably gets paid a fat check for posting it.”

“I am most annoyed that some of the bags don’t match up with their boxes,” mentioned another.

Kardashian Giveaways Have An Affiliation With Scott Disick

Although Kylie’s post doesn’t seem to have any link with Scott Disick, most KarJenner giveaways are related to him in some way or another. The characteristic traits these giveaway posts share involve the Kardashian-Jenner sisters and even mom Kris Jenner posing beside a pile of designer products while promoting a giveaway.

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[Source: YouTube]

Amid their otherwise curated feeds, these posts seem blazingly uncharacteristic of the reality stars. The competition is almost always affiliated with a company named Curated Businesses alongside Scott Disick.

Moreover, these posts are typically archived as soon as the deadline for the giveaway has been reached.

The Giveaways Have No Association With The Brands

Before Kylie, the latest Kardashian family member to team up with Curated Businesses and Scott to promote the competition was Kim Kardashian. The reality star shared a photo of herself posing around a collection of bags and boxes from Louis Vuitton, Prada, & other popular designs laid out in front of her car.

Kim Kardashian Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

She captioned the post,

“Who wants to win a $100,000 USD pre-loaded credit card + 2 first-class flights & 5-night luxury hotel stay in a destination of your choice!”

“Imagine shopping in Paris? LA? London? Tokyo? Dubai? NYC?… You choose where you want to fly to this time! #Ad (Don’t worry if you can’t travel, the prize is fully redeemable for $120,000 USD in pre-loaded credit cards),” the post concluded.

Details to enter the giveaway were also listed in the post. The participants need to go to Scott Disick’s profile and follow everyone he is following before they return to the post and comment. At the time of writing, Scott was following 75 accounts.

Kim Kardashian Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

Both Kim and Kylie’s posts clarified that the giveaway isn’t administered, sponsored, or even associated with the brands in the photo or Instagram. She further clarified that the applicants need to be at least 18 to participate in the competition, which went live only for 48 hours. Later on, Kim archived the post on Wednesday. The post concluded that winners of the giveaway would be announced on their Instagram account and Curated Businesses’ official website by March 9.

Fans Dub Kim Kardashian’s Behavior Tacky

Fans to Reddit to discuss the competition’s weirdness as one commented, “It might not be a scam, but it is tacky. This is 2009 Kim behavior.”

Kim Kardashian Reddit Kim Kardashian Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

“Why do this? So damaging to the brand- surely they have enough money, “stated another.

Curie Brand Owner Reveals The Giveaway’s Reality

However, Sarah Moret, who is also the founder of body-care brand Curie, revealed in a TikTok video why these celebrities associate themselves with such giveaways. She also claimed that she was contacted to partake in this giveaway by Khloe Kardashian and Scott’s team back in 2020.

Sarah Moret YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

She revealed that the 75 brands that participants need to follow actually pay for these services. All 75 brands are paying about $25,000 each to be a part of this giveaway. If you do the math, it comes to $1,875,000. This means they are making about $1.8 million just by posting the giveaway.

So, even if they completely fund the giveaway, which they don’t, they would bank as much as $1.7 Million if Sarah’s figures are to be believed.

What do you think about these occasional Instagram giveaways by the KarJenner family? Will you participate in Kylie Jenner’s latest giveaway? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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