‘sMothered’: Sunhe Likens Jason To The ‘Babysitter’

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It is no secret how Sunhe feels about Jason on sMothered. She knows her daughter, Angelica can do much better and she has voiced this. Now, she is being quite verbal about how Jason treats his daughter, Amara. Is he being a good daddy or nothing more than a babysitter? Sunhe thinks he is nothing more than the latter.

Sunhe The Reason Angelica Remained Solo On sMothered?

Though Angelica and Jason seemed to be on the path to marriage, something held them back. She seemed to question him and his dedication to their future. He did not tell his mother about his real intentions with Angelica and how serious he was with her. Yes, Jason had been married before but he is also an adult. His mother did not think that he necessarily needed to get married again to prove his commitment. As for Sunhe, she just did not think he was the right man for her daughter. She also believed that there was plenty of fish in the sea and she could rope one in very quickly.


When Season 4 began, fans wanted to know what had transpired between Jason and Angelica since they had gotten engaged. Did they end up walking down the aisle? As it turned out, Angelica just did not feel right about it. She wanted both of their mother’s approval before they took such a big leap. The mother of Amara admitted she was the one who called off the wedding. The timing was not right but they were still together. However, her mother Sunhe does not care for Jason whatsoever and thinks her daughter deserves much better. A clip from TLC shows why she has these thoughts.

Jason, Just The Babysitter?

In a sMothered clip from TLC, Sunhe is talking about all of the things that Jason could do better. One of the big things is being a better father to Amara. When Angelica leaves him with her, he does not do much when it comes to tending to her. He won’t make her meals but rather “nibbles.” Jason claims that he does this, thinking that Sunhe and Angelica will cook for her. As for diaper changing, that is something he often avoids, as well. He claims that he does not want to do it because he is not sure if she is done yet so he does not want to rush her.


Sunhe goes so far as to call him nothing more than a babysitter, at this point. She seems to hope her daughter will see all of Jason’s shortcomings and get rid of him. It may take some time as they are all still living under one roof. Only time will tell what will be Angelica’s breaking point if she will have one. It appears, this time, it is not her mom she needs to break free from but Jason.

What are your thoughts? Let us know and watch sMothered Monday nights on TLC.


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