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Netflix ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Host Sima Taparia, Who Is She?

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Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking premiered on July 16, 2020, and the unique concept immediately became a hit among fans. The host, Sima Taparia, who hails from Mumbai, India, became a household name following the success of the Netflix series.

Now, the show has returned for Season 2, causing several fans to wonder who Sima Taparia really is.

Indian Matchmaking’s Sima Taparia Hails From Mumbai

Sima Taparia started her journey with Netflix way before her stint as the host of Indian Matchmaking. The show offers an insight into Indian arranged marriages. Outside of her role as the Netflix host, she is popular for her work as a marriage consultant in Mumbai. She also has a website where she states, “Marriage isn’t just about two individuals and families coming together but also about fusion of minds where they complement each other.”

Indian Matchmaking YouTube

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As per the website, she has clients all over the world, including places such as the UK, the U.S., Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, South Africa, Singapore, and Nigeria. Before shifting her interest to the Netflix show, she appeared in a Netflix documentary in 2017 named A Suitable Girl. The documentary also won an award at Tribeca Film Festival.

Sima Taparia Doesn’t Approve Of Priyanka & Nick’s Marriage

Back when Nick Jonas got married to Priyanka Chopra in 2018, Sima didn’t think the pair was a good match. Although the two are a fan-favorite for many, the Indian matchmaker isn’t among the ones that love the 11-year age gap. This is something she talked about in Indian Matchmaking Season 2 while conversing with her client Nadia Jagessar.

Indian Matchmaking YouTube

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During Season 2, Episode 2, when Taparia and Jagessar discussed the latter’s relationship with Vishal, the matchmaker advised her not to get married to a man who is younger than her. This is when Jagessar refers to Priyanka and Jonas’ relationship.

She said, “I don’t feel it’s a good match. Sorry to tell that. They have married, but it’s not a good match.”

“He looks so small and petite in front of her, and she looks elder,” she concluded.

What Is Indian Matchmaking Host Sima Taparia’s Net Worth?

Fans have also been wondering how much Sima Taparia’s net worth is. Given a successful career and elite clientele, the matchmaker has been able to amass a fortune. While her exact net worth isn’t confirmed, as per The Sun, it could be as much as $5 Million. This estimate is derived from her stint as a host on Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking and her career as a marriage consultant for clients all around the world.

Sima Taparia YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Sima Taparia is married to a wealthy industrialist Anup Taparia. The couple has a daughter named Ritu Taparia. Moreover, the matchmaker doesn’t have a fixed pricing system and works exclusively with high-profile customers. In an interview with Condé Nast Traveler India, she said, “When I meet with customers in India, they almost always have an idea of what they want to spend on their wedding. In order to charge a lump amount for my services, I quote my fee depending on that magic number.”

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