Love Island USA: Mady McLanahan Wanted To Leave The Villa [Peacock | YouTube]

‘Love Island USA’: Mady McLanahan Wanted To Leave The Villa

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Love Island USA Season 4 star Mady McLanahan admitted that she wanted to leave the villa. The move was a long time coming. Earlier this week, Mady excommunicated herself. She realized that she wasn’t having much luck with the rest of the boys.

Mady was still missing Andy Voyen, who was previously dumped from the island. She didn’t form a connection with anyone else since. Mady struggled with her decision, but she was certain that it was the right call. In a new interview following her exit, she talked about her decision to leave and her meet-up with Andy.

Love Island USA: Mady Leaves The Villa [Peacock | YouTube]
[Peacock | YouTube]

Mady McLanahan made the right call

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Mady talked about the moment she felt when Andy left. The two coupled up on the show, but they still explored connections with other islanders. Mady realized the mistake she made and wanted to leave Love Island USA altogether. She was distraught the moment that he was gone.

Yet, she hoped that the producers would “surprise” her by bringing Andy back. The next few days after Andy’s departure was difficult for her. Her fellow Love Island USA cast member Deb Chubb comforted her and slept with her in her bed. Mady admitted that she had a “breakdown” in the dressing room when Deb comforted her.

Love Island USA: Mady Misses Andy [Peacock | YouTube]
[Peacock | YouTube]
“I actually was trying to leave that day,” Mady told E! News. “Deb and Courtney, the producer, talked me out of it.”

Ultimately, Mady decided to leave the villa on her own terms. She found out that Timmy Pandolfi and Isaiah Campbell would try to save her. That means another girl would get dumped from the villa. She made the right call since she followed her heart to pursue Andy.

Love Island USA: Mady & Deb In Their Feels [Peacock | YouTube]
[Peacock | YouTube]

Love Island USA connection outside the villa?

Mady and Andy reunited for the first time since leaving Love Island USA Season 4. He told her that she looked “beautiful.” They felt like it’s been ages since they last spoke at the villa. Mady is from Oklahoma, while Andy resides in Minnesota.

The two met up via Zoom. The couple hopes that their connection will last outside the villa. Andy has a good feeling about them. He admitted that he hasn’t watched the latest episodes of Love Island USA, aside from a few clips online.

“I also saw your emotions and how you were feeling. And that’s what’s also really reaffirming to me. I knew what we were growing and started there. So, it also made me feel really good knowing that, ‘Hey, I do feel like this could be something down the road.'”

What are your thoughts on Mady leaving the villa? Do you miss her on Love Island USA? What are your thoughts on her connection with Andy? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Love Island USA stream Tuesdays through Sundays on Peacock.

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