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Longer ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season? Wells Adams Spills The Tea

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Fan favorite Bachelor alum and Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams is spilling the tea on what fans can expect for Season 8 of BIP. It looks like there will be some changes happening. What will fans get to see what’s different this summer? Keep reading to find out more.

Wells Adams spills the tea on Bachelor in Paradise

Earlier this summer, Wells Adams headed back to Mexico to once again be the bartender for everyone’s favorite spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise. The fan fave bartender is dishing on some changes fans can expect to see for Season 8.

US Weekly shared what Wells had to say. One of the biggest things fans can expect is seeing more footage. Wells said, “ABC ordered 13 more hours than we have done in the past, so that’s, like, six more episodes depending on how they cut it up … our shoot schedule didn’t get longer.”

He clarified further saying, “I just think that all the things that in the past would be left on the cutting room floor, will now be on the show … so I’m excited for that.”

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What else is different in Mexico this year?

Wells also explained that his time getting to know the contestants was a lot different as well. He said that normally they film BIP while The Bachelorette is airing so he kind of has opinions formed of the men and also knows a little about them.

This year was different. Wells shared how since the season hadn’t aired yet when they started filming, he went to Paradise knowing nothing about the men. He said, “I really went in there with eyes unclouded and just had no bias at all.”

He also teased what else fans can expect. Of course, contestants have complained about crabs in the past so he’s sure to point out there are lots of crabs this year. Wells said, “There’s a lot of crying, there’s a lot of sweating and yelling into the ocean, there’s a lot of crabs. He also said, “And then there’s a lot of love and there are some really beautiful stories at the end.”

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Aside from filming Paradise, Wells is gearing up to finally marry Sarah Hyland after postponing their wedding multiple times due to Covid.

Fans will be seeing BIP premiere on September 27 on ABC.

Reality Steve has already shared some spoilers about the final couples. If you want to know click here. 

Stay tuned for more updates.


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