Insider Describes Wendy Williams As Split Personality? [YouTube]

Insider Describes Wendy Williams As Split Personality?


An insider claims that Wendy Williams has a split personality. This comes amid the former television host’s ongoing health issues. Fans have been concerned about Wendy for the past few months, especially as she moved back to NYC. She’s been surrounded by people who haven’t been looking out for her best interests at heart.

The 58-year-old shocked fans with her latest sightings this week. She appeared sickly and frail when she was spotted on the streets of New York City with her handlers. Then, she clapped back at the concerns with a video message stating that she will make a comeback.

Wendy Williams Has Two Personalities [YouTube]

Wendy Williams is no longer her old self

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Wendy Williams fans noticed that the former radio host is no longer like her old self. They want the old Wendy back. An insider told The Sun that she’s like “Jekyll and Hyde,” suggesting that she has a split personality. Her behavior quickly changes due to her ongoing health issues.

Her team never knows which Wendy they’re going to get. She is more “coherent” in the morning than she is throughout the day. People have a hard time speaking to Wendy Williams because her mood could change. She’s known to lash out.

Wendy Williams Has Mood Swings [YouTube]
“People who deal with Wendy understand that you have to speak to her in the morning to have a productive conversation,” one insider told The Sun. “The Wendy you get in the morning is friendly, alert, and coherent. The Wendy in the afternoon is not as nice of a person. She is quick with you and will hang up on you if she doesn’t like the way the conversation is going.”

The insider suggests that “Wendy is a breeze” to deal with in the mornings. She was compared to the famous English doctor who has a dark side. Unfortuanately, Wendy Williams has been dealing with a lot lately. Some fans think she hasn’t been herself since the death of her mother.

Former daytime diva gets confused

She’s worlds away from her old self when she would know pop culture topics. Wendy Williams’ team has to schedule blocks of time with her so they can get projects done. She can be difficult to work with because of her issues. It’s unclear what else Wendy has been dealing with lately, but it’s clear that she has behavioral issues.

“When you do need to deal with Wendy in the afternoon, she’s more often than not incoherent and can be borderline belligerent,” another insider told The Sun.

She’s not her best in the afternoons. This comes after the former daytime diva tried to get into a car in front of her NYC apartment earlier this week. She appeared lost and confused, as she wondered which vehicle to use. Regardless, Wendy Williams was in a good mood as she spoke with the paparazzi.

She also revealed that her “American Express is broken.” Wendy is still in a financial battle with Wells Fargo over her bank accounts. Her dramatic weight loss was apparent during this latest sighting. Fans have been concerned about her well-being ever since.

What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams? Do you think there’s something wrong? Sound off below in the comment section.

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