Bode Roloff Shows Off Impressive Big Brother Skills

Audrey Roloff Instagram, Bode Roloff

Bode Roloff is showing off his big brother skills in a couple of cute snaps. It looks like the two-year-old is very caring and knows exactly how to help out with his younger brother, Radley. So, what is Bode doing for his little brother?

Keep reading to check out the new photos of the sweet brothers.

Bode Roloff becomes a big brother.

Bode became a big brother last November when Radley joined the family. Audrey and Jeremy now have three children, Ember, 4, Bode, 2, and Radley, 9 months. Though some little ones struggle to accept a new younger sibling, it looks like Bode has done a great job. Now, he’s developed some awesome big brother skills.

Since Radley’s arrival, both Ember and Bode have been showing off their awesome big sibling skills. Even though Bode is less than two years older than his brother, he knows how to help out and take care of him. Maybe Ember was a good example to Bode and showed him how to be a wonderful older sibling.

Now, Audrey has documented another precious moment between Radley and Bode Roloff.

Jeremy Roloff Instagram, Bode Roloff

See his impressive big brother skills.

On her Instagram Stories on Thursday, proud mom Audrey Roloff captured a precious moment between her sons. It’s not uncommon for her to share photos and videos to give fans a peek into her family’s lives.

This time, she posted a couple of snaps as her family picked blueberries together.

Two-year-old Bode Roloff sat on the grass with a white plastic bucket filled with blueberries. In one photo, Bode has a blueberry in his mouth and is biting it in half. In the corner of the photo, you can see Radley sitting beside his big brother, waiting for a bite.

Audrey gushed, “Bode biting the blueberries in half for Radley to eat them.” She added a teary-eyed emoji to capture her emotions.

You can check out these sweet photos below.

Audrey Roloff Instagram, Bode Roloff

In the next photo, Bode is putting the blueberry in Radley’s mouth. It looks like Radley is very excited as he inches close to his big brother.

Audrey Roloff Instagram, Bode Roloff

From Audrey’s photos, it looks like everyone enjoyed an evening outside and made special memories.

So, what do you think of Bode Roloff’s big brother skills? Do you think he and his little brother, Radley, are adorable? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World news.

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