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‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Who Won HOH?

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It’s another week in the Big Brother house and that means one thing: a new Head of Household! Last night, houseguests played an iconic game on the Big Brother wall. Keep reading to find out who hung on the longest and is now in charge of the house.

Warning: Big Brother 24 spoilers ahead!

Big Brother New Head of Household

After an intense live eviction episode of Big Brother last night, the live feeds remained on so viewers could watch the HOH competition live. Fans watched as the houseguests held onto the iconic Big Brother wall while it tilted and they were covered in everything from slime to newspaper rolls. It was a pretty tough comp, but of course, someone came out on top.

So, who is the new HOH? None other than formally bullied Taylor. Taylor was able to hang on the longest ultimately beating all of her other houseguests. When she finally won and fell to the ground she cried what seemed to be tears of joy!

Big Brother | youtube
Big Brother | youtube

A good night for Taylor

Of course, all around this was a great night for Taylor as a player of the game. Not only did she win HOH but she was able to assist in sending home her number one enemy in the house – Daniel. Daniel was bullying Taylor for several weeks before this, so it totally makes sense that she was ready to see him go.

For the last few days, Daniel made a large effort to earn his place in the house and even begged houseguests to keep him because of his financial situation back home. Apparently, he came into the Big Brother house with only $400 to his name and no job to return to. So, he was counting on the pay from the show.

However, that clearly didn’t work as Daniel made his exit from the house last night and the only person that seemed sad about it was Terrance.

Big Brother | youtube
Big Brother | youtube

It will be interesting to see who Taylor decides to put up with and if this HOH keeps her in the good light or if she gets more haters by the decisions that she makes.

Do you think Taylor will make a good Head of Household in the Big Brother house? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on all of your favorite Big Brother houseguests.

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