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‘Big Brother’ Potential New Nominees Revealed

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There’s a new Head of Household this week in the Big Brother house which means there are also going to be new nominees. The houseguests were up chatting most of the night and now fans on the internet are discussing what happened. Keep reading to find out who could be going on the block this week and who the target is.

Warning: Big Brother spoilers ahead!

Who is the new Big Brother HOH?

Of course, no one can go on the block without a new HOH. Last night, after the live evictions, Big Brother houseguests faced the iconic wall challenge. Every houseguest hung on to the wall as it tilted forward and backward and sprayed them with slime and goo. During this comp, houseguests have very little space to stand on and very small grips to hang on to.

This year, Taylor was the one to come out on top being the very last to fall off the wall. Once she hit the ground, she instantly cried tears of happiness. Taylor was formally the target of a lot of bullying. However, now, she has gotten her worst enemy out of the house AND won the beloved Head of Household competition.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

So, who will she put up?

Now, she has some hard choices ahead of her. One of those things is picking new people to put on the block and picking new targets. Fans took to Reddit to talk about what they think about her choices so far. Apparently, the houseguests stayed up pretty late talking about what comes next.

After her first night as HOH, it seems she has landed on an Indy and Terrance combo for the block. However, viewers on Reddit don’t seem too excited about this. In fact, they are calling the noms predictable. Some also think that Taylor is listening to all the boys way too much.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

“Can we please get unpredictable noms this week?!” one user starts. “Taylor needs to speak to Micahel and Britt and stop listening to the guys telling her what to do (even telling her what to say). Britt keeps on telling her to do what she wants to do.

“So they landed on Terrence/Indy? That’s boring”

However, not everyone agrees. Some think that Taylor is making the logical choice right now.

“No they are both a**holes. I’m excited.”

“Indy/Terrance are logical noms, Taylor just f*cked up promising all the girls safety when she knows they don’t like her. Sucks but that’s her own fault.”

Do you like Taylor as HOH? Do you think she will make good choices on Big Brother? Let us know in the comments below. Come back for more news on all of your favorite houseguests.

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