Today Savannah Guthrie Celebrates Like A Megamillions Winner [WWHL | YouTube]

‘Today’ Savannah Guthrie Celebrates Like A Megamillions Winner


Today Show host Savannah Guthrie celebrated like a Megamillions winner. She ended up beating her fellow co-anchors on live television. The 50-year-old teamed up with Sheinelle Jones as they competed against Al Roker and Craig Melvin in a special version of the new game show, Password.

The Jimmy Fallon-hosted series debuted on NBC on Tuesday, August 10. Savannah was feeling lucky during the classic game show, which got a major reboot. She hooted and hollered as she and Sheinelle won many of the games. Savannah took to Instagram to share many moments from that segment.

Today Hosts Play Password [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]

Today Show co-hosts play Password

Savannah Guthrie was on a lucky streak. During the game, she and Sheinelle won more than once. They were named the champions of Password. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Hoda Kotb is taking a break this week for her 58th birthday.

“Omg Sheinelle we won. We won, we are the champions,” Savannah Guthrie wrote in her Instagram post. “This is the greatest day of our lives.”

Sheinelle Jones & Savannah Guthrie Play Password [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
Sheinelle took to the comment section to share some support. She posted several red hearts as the two celebrated their latest victory. Savannah admitted that she felt like she won the Megamillions, which took the nation by storm last month. Today viewers also took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the fun segment.

Many of them loved watching the Today Show hosts take part in the classic game. Savannah Guthrie got plenty of attention this week during Hoda’s absence. She’s covered many of the stories that have been making headlines this week. She also previously paid tribute to Hoda on her birthday.

Savannah Guthrie shares loving moments with Hoda Kotb

Savannah Guthrie expressed her love for her feuding co-host with a series of photos posted on Instagram. She even called the fan-favorite “our sunshine.” It was a very loving and warm birthday tribute despite the reports of their ongoing feud.

“She is our sunshine. Happy birthday, @hodakotb!!!” Savannah Guthrie simply wrote in the caption.

Sheinelle Jones & Savannah Guthrie Win [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
Hoda took to the comment section to write, “Love u my girl xoxox.” However, some fans were skeptical about Savannah’s tribute. They wanted to know if she was being genuine. Fans could notice the tension between the co-hosts during their recent broadcasts.

  • “I hope you mean it! Be real get real…”
  • “Savannah, please tell me all the rumors about you not liking Hoda are not true. How could anyone not love Hoda, right!! Happy Birthday, Hoda!”
  • “So happy to see the proof that the rumors about your relationship are false. Love you ladies.”
  • “The comments are making me so sad. … Please clear this up.”

What are your thoughts on the Today Show co-hosts playing Password? Do you like the new game show? Do you have thoughts on Savannah Guthrie’s feud with Hoda? Sound off below in the comment section.

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