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Netflix ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Fans Say Vinesh Did Mosum Dirty

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Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking returned for a second season on August 10, 2022. Mumbai’s premier matchmaker Sima Taparia is at it again, connecting people and helping them find their perfect matches. However, a recent episode of the show has rubbed fans the wrong way.

Season 2 of the Netflix show has some new as well as returning faces who seek Sima’s help finding the love of their life.

Sima Taparia Shoots Down Vinesh’s Unrealistic Ambitions

However, it was Miami-based Vinesh Vasnani who caught fans’ attention. From the start, his list of requirements and qualities he wanted in his wife was exhausting. As always, Sima was quick to shoot down the unrealistic ambitions. She mentioned that he might find a match that covers about 60 to 70 percent of what he is looking for in a woman.

Indian Matchmaking YouTube

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Moreover, the matchmaker was worried that Vinesh’s jokester ways meant that he wasn’t really serious about marriage. The 57-year-old initially set up Vinesh with Mosum Parikh, who was going through the matchmaking process unbeknownst to her parents. She explained on camera that her parents wouldn’t understand that she wished for a partner who matched her personality and not just her religion or caste.

Indian Matchmaking Fans Didn’t Sympathize With Vinesh

As per Meaww, Mosum also got along well with Vinesh’s family. Throughout their date, they also had some pleasant banter. He even took her number at the end of the date, only to reveal later that he didn’t feel a physical connection with Mosum.

Indian Matchmaking YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Later on, Sima set him up with a nurse, Meena Rai, and Vinesh was instantly smitten. However, the feeling wasn’t mutual. Meena made it clear on camera that she didn’t wish to take things forward with him. Moreover, even their date together wasn’t a treat for the eyes.

Vinesh also mentioned that he felt like he was stabbed in the heart with a plastic knife. However, fans didn’t sympathize with him, stating that he had it coming.

Fans Think Indian Matchmaking Star Vinesh Has a Complex

Talking about their weird interaction during the date, a fan tweeted, “I don’t like Vinesh. He did Mousam dirty and thinks Meena and him have a connection. She was literally bored in the restaurant. #IndianMatchmaking #IndianMatchmaking2.”

“Vinesh has a complex (why take Mosum’s # if you ain’t attracted to her?) & too much of a fam-tribe vibe which is (Red Flag emoji) & double-date w/bro/wife on first date? That’s super weird & no scope to think independent while pursuing a potential interest! #IndianMatchmaking” wrote another.

A third chimed in, “Vinesh in #IndianMatchmaking is a template American desi boy in the arranged marriage market. He needs every pleasure of life. Party girl who can be traditional, who wants a career but babies also and can make fritters. Moreover, she must be hot! Someone gift him a mirror. #treadmillwatch.”

A fourth tweeted, “I completely understand wanting a good-looking partner but honestly, like, shouldn’t Vinesh meet some of the criteria himself before he goes around making all these judgments and demands? #IndianMatchmaking #IndianMatchmakingseason2.”

Did you watch Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking Season 2? What do you feel about Vinesh’s treatment of Mosum? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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