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Jenelle Evans’ Ex Begs For Help Amid Cancer Diagnosis

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Nathan Griffith, who is popular as Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans’ ex-fiance, recently shared an alarming post on his Instagram Stories. The post in which he seems to be begging for help has since been deleted by the reality star. Since then, fans have been worried for Nathan. What exactly did he share?

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Jenelle Evans’ Ex Nathan Begs For Help Amid Marital Issues

In the aforementioned Instagram post, the 34-year-old begged for help and mentioned to his fans that he suffers from liver cancer. The Alpha Ego owner shares an 8-year-old son, Kaiser, with his ex-Jenelle. As per The Sun, he also recently got married to May Oyola but appeared to be going through a tough time.

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The reality star wrote on his Instagram story, “When I’m begging for help! Guess What? I have hepatocellular carcinoma,”

“My family doesn’t answer! So before you guys judge me… that’s my life,” concluded the personal trainer.

Hepatocellular carcinoma, the form of cancer Nathan is suffering from, is mostly diagnosed in men aged 60 or more. It is a common form of primary liver cancer that occurs mostly in individuals with chronic liver diseases like cirrhosis caused due to hepatitis C or hepatitis B infection.

Fans Dub Nathan And Jenelle ‘The Perfect Match’

Following this shocking announcement, fans shared their feelings on Reddit.

“Kail is to pregnancy as Nathan is to bulls**t,” wrote one.


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[Source: Reddit]

Another mentioned, “An alcoholic and an abuser of steroids, can’t say I’m surprised. I do hope he gets some help & soon. If not for him, for Kaiser”.

“Call me crazy, but I think Nathan’s Jenelle’s perfect match. They both constantly have some kind of drama and use their self-diagnosed health issues as part of it,” chimed in another.

Teen Mom Alum Claims He feels Trapped With His Wife

This new post comes a day after the personal trainer worried fans with a disturbing social media post in which he claimed that he had nowhere to stay amid the ongoing marital problems with his wife. Recently, Nathan pleaded for help from friends and fans to find him a new place to stay. He also claimed that he felt trapped with his wife at his current home.

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He posted on Instagram, “Is there anywhere I can stay? I wanna get out of Miami, and I’m in my car with all my stuff! I have nowhere to stay! My wife makes me feel I’m trapped,”

“I’m reaching out to anyone. Can I stay with you for a couple of nights until I figure out all my problems?” he concluded.

In another post, the TV personality expressed his frustration over the situation. He said, “So, as I expected… no one was up to the challenge. I am desperate in need. People said I could stay but not tonight. I am sleeping in my car!”

“My wife is completely psycho. I am trying to leave, but no one will help a man in need! This is society!” he concluded.

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However, shortly after posting this on Instagram, the MTV alum deleted the message.

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