'B&B' Viewers See Botch During Finn & Steffy Love Scene

‘B&B’ Viewers See Botch During Finn & Steffy Love Scene

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B&B’s favorite couple Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) are reunited and it feels so good. Finn got his check-up from the doctor months after he came back from the dead. His wife wanted to make sure everything was good to go — inside and outside the bedroom.

Last week, the characters reunited in Monte Carlo. Steffy escaped to the luxurious city after Finn’s death. She grew depressed and isolated from her family. The brunette beauty walked around the city streets as she dreamed about a future with her husband.

Finally, Steffy and Finn cross paths. The two consummated their love this week. However, B&B fans couldn’t help but notice a blunder during their passionate love scene.

Steffy Forrester Happy About Finn's Checkup [YouTube]

Steffy & Finn’s love scene was too hot for TV?

B&B fans blushed during Steffy and Finn’s steamy hookup. They noticed something revealing during the scene. On Wednesday, August 10, Steffy and Finn finally took things to the bedroom. The reason why they didn’t make love in beautiful Monte Carlo is that Steffy wanted to make sure that Finn was okay.

He literally escaped his mother Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown Pelzer), who tried to keep him away from everyone. Finn came back from the dead. Steffy wanted to ensure that Finn was good to go so they could get back to doing what they know best. Making love, that is.

Finn Kisses Steffy [YouTube]
B&B viewers praised the show for the hot “Sinn” love scene. However, they couldn’t help but notice “one big issue” with it. Finn and Steffy made sure they got some alone time in that episode. Her husband assured her that he could go back to “regular activity.” Steffy and Finn started making out in the living room of her beach house.

They were ready to rip off each other’s clothes right there. Finn pushed Steffy up against the wall when they started making out. Then, the couple moved things to the bedroom. Most B&B fans were happy to see Finn and Steffy being the hot, sexy couple they normally are.

However, others noticed a botch during the scene. Some got a good look at Finn and Steffy’s bodies after they were both shot by his evil mom. Both of them had flawless skin for having almost died. Yet, it was still a delight to see both of their hot bodies on the screen.

B&B: Steffy & Finn's Love Scene [YouTube]

B&B fans call out the major blooper

B&B fans took to Twitter to call out the major blooper. Some of them wondered if the makeup department overlooked this huge mistake. Others think the show wanted the couple to look as hot as possible during the racy scene. While the CBS soap doesn’t take itself seriously, fans think this small detail would make the show more realistic.

  • “Just one big issue with this… Finn was shot, no scar, nothing?”
  • “It’s those little things that make a soap more believable.”
  • “OK, do we have a #BoldandBeautiful BLOOPER? Neither Steffy nor Finn has a bullet mark on their body.”
  • “We’re gonna overlook the fact that neither Steffy nor Finn has bullet wounds…”
  • “So, like where did they get shot? ‘Cause I don’t see any bullet scars?”

Aside from that, B&B fans raved about the hot scene. The NSFW scene showed Finn fully naked and underneath his hot wife at the end of the episode. It left the viewers wanting more. What are your thoughts on the “Sinn” love scene? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of B&B air on weekdays on CBS.

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