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Alex & Emma Johnston Go Wild, Finally Old Enough To Do What?

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7 Little Johnstons stars Alex and Emma Johnston are celebrating big time! Trent and Amber Johnston’s kids filmed a fun new Instagram Reel and shared it with fans as they are finally old enough to do something they’ve been looking forward to. Keep reading to get all of the details.

In case you missed it, Emma Johnston turned 17 last month. Her brother, Alex, is just a few months younger than her and will be 17 on November 15.

Fans are always shocked to see how much Trent and Amber’s kids have grown. 7 Little Johnstons has been on TLC for years now. So fans have gotten to be a part of all of the action.

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Now that Alex and Emma Johnston are 16 and 17 years old, their parents have given them a little more freedom.

Alex & Emma Johnston Celebrate New Freedom

In a new Instagram Reel, Alex and Emma are going wild and dancing. The first half of the video looks dull and less saturated, though. The text on the screen reads, “Not allowed to date until 16.”

TLC Instagram, Alex & Emma Johnston

Then, the colors become brighter and the two teens start dancing more excitedly. The text on the screen then changes to “*Turns 16*”

This Reel is meant to show Alex and Emma Johnston’s excitement to start dating.

TLC Instagram, Alex & Emma Johnston

You can watch the Instagram Reel on TLC’s profile here.

In the comments section of the new Reel, fans are talking about Trent and Amber’s rules. Fans seem to have mixed feelings about this rule, in particular. Some fans don’t mind it and grew up with the same rule. One fan points out, “when they can’t drive and go anywhere is it really dating? Nah just puppy love.”

Others think that Amber and Trent are too strict with their kids. The 7 Little Johnstons Season 12 trailer shows the parents violating their son, Jonah’s privacy.

Either way, Alex and Emma Johnston seem to be very happy to be allowed to date now. We’ll have to wait and see whether they get into relationships soon. Emma is pretty close with a guy named Lucca, but it’s unclear if they’re dating or if they are just friends.

So, what do you think of Alex and Emma Johnston’s new Instagram Reel? Do you like Trent and Amber Johnston’s rule for dating? Sound off in the comments section below for more Johnston family updates. Plus, don’t miss the exciting 7 Little Johnstons Season 12 premiere on TLC on Tuesday, August 16!

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