'Today' Hoda Kotb Broke Savannah Guthrie's Trust?

‘Today’ Hoda Kotb Broke Savannah Guthrie’s Trust?


Today Show’s Hoda Kotb broke Savannah Guthrie’s trust. Her co-host admitted that she was upset with the fan favorite for disclosing her secret to the world. This comes on the heels of the news that a Today Show staffer revealed that Hoda is the most-liked co-host on the set of the morning show.

Savannah previously shared in an interview that she was “mad” at her co-host for what happened. Hoda spilled the beans and shared Savannah’s hidden talent with the world. Find out what Savannah’s talent is and what happened between the two amid the news of their ongoing feud.

Savannah Guthrie Mad At Hoda Kotb? [Good Housekeeping | YouTube]
[Good Housekeeping | YouTube]

Savannah Guthrie’s shocking admission

In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Savannah Guthrie revealed a moment when Hoda Kotb betrayed her trust. She told the Today host not to share this factoid about herself. The 50-year-old anchor recalled a moment when she sent the anchor a clip of her singing a beautiful song. Savannah asked Hoda not to share it “with anyone.”

The 57-year-old went against her wishes and spilled her secret. Savannah was “mad” at Hoda for telling The New York Times about her secret. Savannah wanted Hoda to keep it to herself.

Hoda Kotb Betrayed Savannah Guthrie? [Good Housekeeping | YouTube]
[Good Housekeeping | YouTube]
“I said what part of ‘Don’t tell anyone.’ I said, ‘I sent this to you for your eyes only,’ and then she like added ten,” Savannah Guthrie told Good Housekeeping.

In March 2022, Hoda Kotb told The New York Times about her co-star’s talent. She loved the song that Savannah sang. She was so impressed with her secret talent that she wanted to talk about it in the interview.

“Savannah once sent me the most beautiful song and said, ‘Please don’t share it with anyone,'” Hoda Kotb explained. “But I didn’t know what she meant by ‘anyone,’ and I asked some people, ‘Who do you think this is?’ and it was you [Savannah]. Remember that time you got mad? You got mad at me?”

Holding a grudge against Hoda Kotb?

Savannah admitted that she couldn’t stay mad at Hoda Kotb for long. She said that she couldn’t “hold a grudge” against her. Savannah forgot about what happened, but once it was brought up, she was upset with her once again. Meanwhile, fans have noticed on-air tension between the two.

Some have been taking sides in this rumored feud. Reports claim that Savannah and Hoda Kotb have been at odds for several months. Other fans have threatened to boycott the show and watch Good Morning America instead. An insider told The Sun in June that the two “can’t stand each other.”

Savannah sees herself as the head of the Today Show. She only sees Hoda Kotb as the co-host who used to drink wine with Kathie Lee Gifford. What are your thoughts on Hoda sharing Savannah’s secret? Sound off below in the comment section.

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