‘sMothered’: Are Francia & Paula Too Much For Fans?

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Season 4 of sMothered just began on Monday. Viewers got to revisit returning cast members while new ones were introduced. Among the newbies were Paula and her mother Francia. They are beyond close and could probably be sisters in another life. Though they admit that they may be odd, fans are definitely put off by their dynamic. Are they too close for fans’ comfort?

The sMothered Mother And Daughter Dynamic

Mothers and daughters on this show are always a tad too close. Lauren’s mother, Lisa helped her get pregnant. Yet, Lauren’s wife Laura Leigh was unaware of this happening. Now they are expecting and Lisa has to learn her place yet she was already so much a part of the babymaking process. Is it fair to push her away? Cher and Dawn are as close as possible, to the point that Dawn attended Cher’s lactation classes. She even used a doll to remind herself how to breastfeed. Now that her daughter and grandchild are moving back from NYC, she is beyond happy. However, she now has to fight to get her family close to her and not her daughter’s in-laws.


Angie and Shay are new this season but they have a very unique story to share. Shay recently came out as transgender and her mom is extremely accepting. The only problem is that she is impeding on Shay’s independence. Yes, it is great that Angie wants to teach her how to be a woman but she might be pushing the limits. Finally, another new duo is Paula and Francia. It is awesome that they are close however they are not getting a sweet reception at all and for good reason. Fans are almost repulsed by the nature of their relationship and might be over them  already.

Taking It Over The Top

Paula seems to be the caretaker of her mother, Francia. She makes sure Francia has everything that she needs but they are also quite co-dependent on one another. The two like to hang out naked together as well as party and even defecate together. Literally, everything in their lives, they choose to do as one. This pushed fans to their limits, according to Meaww and they immediately went on Twitter to tweet their disgust:

Francia. Paula
  • “This woman just stated that if she could, she’d spend all day in bed and naked with her mom. They even poop together. OMG…I’m done.”
  • “You shouldn’t walk around your mom naked as an adult that is weird.”
  • “I spend every night w my mom. That would end immediately if she walked around naked.”
  • “I’m not walking naked around my mom and my mom is not about to walk naked around me.”

It seems that the most cringe-worthy aspect is the nudity. There is a lot more to their story for the season. At some point, Paula learns that Francia plans on adopting her niece. This is when Paula realizes she must put a stop to that. Will she succeed?

What do you think of their dynamic? Let us know and watch sMothered Mondays on TLC.



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  1. This show is a depressing expose of some very disturbed behaviors. I don’t know why anyone would bother to watch it. No one on the show is being improved by it, except probably financially.

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