‘Long Lost Family’ What Happened To Pearse Egan Amid Tragedy?

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ITV’s documentary series Long Lost Family: What Happened Next follows up with families that were previously reunited on the show. Pearse Egan, who first appeared on the program in 2018, recently provided an update about his relationship with his long-lost father and brother. However, the update isn’t what you’d expect.

Long Lost Family Helped This Family Reunite

When he first appeared on Long Lost Family, Pearse was searching for his father. Davina McCall, the host of the show, helped him connect with his dad after 29 years of searching.

According to the original episode that aired, Pearse’s mother was visiting New York when she met his father. She was only 17 years old and, after discovering she was pregnant, decided to move back home to Ireland. While it was likely the right decision for her at the time, it made it so that Pearse never had contact with his father.

Long Lost Family - YouTube/ITV

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That is until Davina McCall reached out about helping him find his dad. When it was announced she found him, Pearse was understandably emotional. He was excited to have someone to call dad for the first time in his life.

Eddie Santos, his father, and Pearse both flew back and forth between New York and London to visit each other. At the end of the episode that aired in 2018, Pearse said that he felt he and his father had truly connected. Four years later, Davina touched base with Pearse to see how things were going.

Where Is Pearse Egan’s Dad Now?

Pearse told Davina that he and his father have stayed in touch but he admitted that the last few years have been difficult for their relationship. Eddie suffered from a heart attack and later contracted COVID. Now, he gets tired easily and, when they speak, Pearse does most of the talking.

“To be honest, it’s one of those things. I didn’t know what I had until it went,” he said to Davina regarding his father’s health. Since the initial airing of the show, Pearse has been to New York three or four times to visit with Eddie. Overall, he is content with where their relationship has landed.

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Credit: YouTube/Lorraine

Additionally, Pearse has discovered other members of his family as well. He met his half-brother, Nick Kucharskiduring the first episode in London. Their father was not present during Nick’s childhood either, which gave them something to connect over. While Nick does not want to have a relationship with their dad, he and Pearse have kept in touch. “To have that connection is more than I could have ever imagined,” Pearse said about his blossoming friendship with his brother.

You can watch Long Lost Family: What Happened Next on ITV. New episodes of the program air on Mondays at 9 p.m. EST.

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