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Jessa Seewald Unveils True Colors In Sketchy New Promo

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Former Counting On star and Duggar daughter Jessa Seewald has revealed her true colors to fans in her latest promotional post. Now, she’s being criticized for some of her beliefs. Keep reading to get all of the details.

It’s not uncommon for Jessa and her siblings to share promotional content on social media. This is one of the ways that they make money now that TLC has pulled the plug on Counting On. However, their promotional posts aren’t typically quite this controversial. In the past, Jessa has promoted beauty products, pillows, and other everyday items that fans don’t think twice about.

But now, with her latest post, Jessa Seewald has put her true colors on display.

Jessa Seewald, YouTube

Jessa Seewald shares a new promo with fans.

On Wednesday, Jessa shared a new Instagram post promoting Christian Healthcare Ministries. In her post, she shared a photo of herself and her husband, Ben Seewald. Then, she talked about all of the ways that the “budget-friendly health cost sharing ministry” has had a positive impact on her family. They have been members for around eight years so far and are happy with it.

You can see the photo and details she shared below.

Note that in Jessa’s post, she says she’s a #CHMPartner, so she may be making some money by promoting the company to her 2.5 million Instagram followers.

The Duggar daughter unveils her true colors.

YouTuber Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball did some digging and discovered more about Christian Healthcare Ministries. And it turns out that the company has some pretty controversial values. Because Jessa Seewald promoted this alternative type of health insurance, fans assume she agrees with many of the company’s stances.

Jessa Seewald, YouTube

Katie reports that Christian Healthcare Ministries “discriminates against people with disabilities, pre-existing conditions, LGBTQ, anyone that doesn’t abstain from alcohol, tobacco or drugs.”

Katie warns against these types of programs and says that she has read many horror stories about them in the past. She also points out, “Jessa promoting this option is very risky & shows why she has taken risks in her own health care as a result.”

According to Bible ReasonsChristian healthcare ministries, in general, will not cover “medical issues resulting from an unbiblical lifestyle.” This includes things like pregnancies out of wedlock.

So, it looks like these very well may be Jessa Seewald’s true colors as well.

So, did you know about Jessa Seewald’s true colors? What do you think of her latest promo? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar news.

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