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Fans Not Happy With Whitney Thore’s Treatment Of New Boyfriend

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans absolutely adore Whitney Thore. However, they’re not overly impressed with the way she treats her new boyfriend these days.

Plenty of Whitney’s followers felt happy for her when she found love with a Frenchman. But is she actually staying true to him? Some viewers think she’s being incredibly disrespectful by striking up a friendship with her ex, Lennie Alehat. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Whitney Thore runs around with a familiar face this season

Now that My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 is here, viewers are definitely confused about the state of Whitney Way Thore’s love life. For quite some time now, Whitney has made a big deal about falling in love with a Frenchman. But it’s clear she still has some lingering affections for her ex, Lennie.

In the new season, Whitney asks Lennie to help her with some painting in her studio. She chose Lennie because of his experience with being a handyman. Throughout the episode, viewers watched Whitney try to establish a professional working relationship with her ex while navigating her feelings for her new boyfriend. But a lot of fans found the entire situation a little bizarre. Lennie hasn’t been on the show for a while. Is he only back to start drama?

Whitney Thore from TLC
Whitney Way Thore/TLC

It’s been several years since Whitney and Lennie parted ways, but the TLC star isn’t sure whether or not her ex still has feelings for her. And based on the chemistry between the two, it’s possible that Whitney still has lingering feelings too. She has a lot on her plate, especially since her mother had to stay in the hospital. Emotions are running pretty high — it’s not unfathomable to think she might end up back in Lennie’s arms.

Whitney Way Thore/YouTube
Whitney Way Thore/TLC

No matter what’s really going on in Whitney’s head, plenty of viewers think she’s putting herself in a bad situation by hiring Lennie to help paint.

Do you think Lennie’s presence will cause drama between Whitney and her new man? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Is the TLC personality jealous?

In the new season, Whitney Thore claimed that her new boyfriend isn’t at all worried about Lennie’s presence in her life. But should he be worried?

In Season 10 teasers, fans couldn’t help but notice that Whitney seems incredibly jealous of Lennie’s new love interest. She isn’t at all happy when he meets a new girl and asks her to dance, but doesn’t ask Whitney. Time will tell what happens between Whitney and Lennie, but My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers don’t think it looks good for the French boyfriend at this point.

Keep checking back for the latest on Whitney Way Thore and other TLC news.

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  1. Gave up on Whitney years ago when she stalked that man who scammed year then she fell in love with the guy who got his real girlfriend pregnant. She lost sight of what message she was sending about the desease she has and focus on finding a man. I don’t feel bad for Whitney because she’s the reason her mom is sick because of babs worrying about her. I am praying for babs and glenn

    1. 1. learn to spell 2. learn sentence structure 3. I see you are a MD and therefore can state Whitney is the cause of Bab’s decline? What an ignorant, judgmental person you are. Most likely you are an extreme right wing Christian for judgementalism like you exhibit is one of their worst “deseases” what a joke go pray for yourself as you need it

  2. I think Deb is the judgmental one here. Whitney is A self centered egotistical blow hard who tries to run everyone else’s life. The rag tag bunch of friends who are a little off themselves put up with her stupid antics to get TLCs payoff. She claims to have PCOD, and blames that for her weight. I have that also and lost down to 122.5 and have stayed there for 2 years so far. If you saw the back seat of her car, it was full of large milkshake and cola cups; the floor was piled up to the seat with burger and french fry pkgs and chicken boxes. She claims she can’t lose weight, of course not if you live off of fast food. She is giving the erroneous information to other suffers that you can’t lose weight, but you can and need to. She even goaded a friend into carrying a baby for her even though she knew what a hard time she had with her 2nd child and could have been life threatening. She is a big fat bully who thinks she is a star. People will eventually get tired of her, as for me I already am.

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