‘DOOL’ Shift To Peacock: What Fans Need To Know

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NBC recently announced that its longest-running show, Days of Our Lives, would move away from the broadcast network. After the announcement, fans have now vowed to boycott the soap opera. DOOL has been on the air for 57 years and is moving to NBC’s streaming service, Peacock. So when will this major transition happen?

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When Will DOOL Stream On Peacock?

As confirmed by the broadcasting network, DOOL will stream on the platform starting September 12. The empty slot will be taken over by NBC’s News Daily starting next month. The producers of the show avoided cancelation of the soap opera on multiple occasions as NBC and Sony engaged in regular negotiations.

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With this switch, American broadcast televisions will now have only three daytime soaps airing. These include ABC’s General Hospital, CBS’ The Bold And The Beautiful, and The Young And The Restless. The report of this transition was initially reported by Vulture on August 3, 2022.

Days Of Our Lives Characters Written Off The Show

Back in January 2022, TR Coates debuted on the soap opera, which is played by William Christian. He is the ex-boyfriend of Paulina Price, played by Jackee Harry, and Lani Price’s biological father, played by Sal Stowers. However, his stint in the soap ended after his own daughter killed him.

Apart from this, Abigail Deveraux also bid adieu to the show. She was killed off, giving the show a murder mystery storyline. Craig Wesley, Salem’s resident doctor, is also set to exit DOOL in 2022. Although the doctor will leave Salem, his daughter Chloe will stay for one more season.

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Back in April 2022, reports of Ciara Brady and Ben Weston’s departure from Days Of Our Lives made headlines. Ben and Ciara welcomed a child in the story, after which fans saw the last of them as they started a new life in Canada. Additionally, Tripp Dalton’s stint ended in Season 57 after he jumped off a tower.

Eli, played by Lamon Archey, and Lani, played by Sal Stowers, also left Salem, effectively ending their part in the soap opera. They were last seen in the episode that aired on July 4, 2022. Next, on the July 27 episode, Jake DiMera was killed in a shooting.

DOOL Characters Returning In 2022

Last month, Heather Lindell who played Jan Spears, confirmed on Twitter that she isn’t returning to Days Of Our Lives after Jan drowned in the river.

However, on August 4, Jan’s character was revived to complicate the lives of Belle, Shawn, and Evan alongside other Salem residents. Another character revived for the soap opera is Stephanie Johnson, who will be played by Abigail Klein.

Apart from this, Paulina Price’s daughter Chanel Dupree is also heading to the show. Finally, prominent business Victor Kiriakis’ nephew, Xander, is also coming back for the soap opera’s upcoming episodes in 2022.

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Allie Johnson


  1. Shame on NBC net work. We don’t need another news channel or talk show or reality show. Since u don’t care about th people that enjoys Days of our lives I well not be watching NBC going to ABC they hv better shows any way

  2. I don’t think that in general, young people watch soap operas. I think the audience for them is 50+ and older. So, by moving to a streaming platform doesn’t really make sense. You won’t get more “loyal” fans. Now I know the plan is to add more “porn” to attract younger people, but they can get that without ruining a great show. The addition of more immorality, gay/lesbianism and in general horrid storylines is only making it easier for the most loyal (and older) fans to say goodbye to the show. Also, I think NBC will lose viewers too since DOOL was the only worthwhile show they had!!

  3. moving DOOL (contrary to the NBC opinion that many people stream) is discriminating as many people don’t don’t have the capability because it’s not available in their area or can’t afford to pay for high speed internet. this decision will most likely go down in history as the biggest blunder ever made by a broadcasting company. it’s nothing more than a money grab!! shame, shame shame on NBC. as well it hurts local stations that depend on the advertising dollars made during commercial breaks. NBC also will lose the “lead in to” programming that followed! hopefully “heads will roll” over this decision!

  4. Seems ood that NBC would snub their nose at fans of a longtime show. I will boycott NBC. But for me it’s the only show I watch on NBC. I boycott ABC with thr b exception of General Hospital. CBS is the only worthy network. Not bec as us ed of young and restless. But they do have other worthy shows. NBC putting on ANOTHER NEWS PROGRAM is sickening. We havetoo much of it shoved down our throats . Née escape. Not more news or law shows. I don’t care how “out there” door could be. You were always expecting and received the Unexpected. Idiot suits. That know nothing of public or fans desires. BTW. Nobody wants to pay anything more for TV or streaming. Everything is high and even those of us that have those services are cutting back so no to peacock the branch of nbc

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