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Crunchyroll Right Stuf Acquisition: What Happens Now?

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Crunchyroll recently announced its latest acquisition, Right Stuf, which is one of the largest anime retailers in the industry. Ever since the news came in, fans have been wondering what would become of the retailer and the changes it is set to undergo. Most importantly, what does it mean for anime consumers? Could it affect Crunchyroll’s growth?

Keep reading to find out what the future holds for the brand!

Crunchyroll’s Right Stuf Acquisition Will Ensure Faster Logistics

The streaming platform confirmed this acquisition to the public on August 4. Currently, it is unknown how much Crunchyroll paid to acquire the service. Moreover, the terms of this acquisition haven’t been disclosed as well. However, it is currently known that the acquisition includes the retailer’s subsidiary distribution company, Nozomi Entertainment. As per Crunchyroll, this purchase will help them increase their anime eCommerce product offerings.

Crunchyroll YouTube

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This merger is exciting news for fans who love to watch their favorite anime on physical Blu-ray and DVD releases. As per, Right Stuf’s logistics and eCommerce framework network will help with faster distribution. Moreover, it will also make it easy for fans to get hold of other physical anime merchandise from their favorite characters, including posters, statues, and games.

Crunchyroll Might License & Distribute More Shows Now

Most of all, it will help Crunchyroll with a simpler and faster distribution of physical manga, which wasn’t possible before the acquisition. This will also allow Crunchyroll to compete with other renowned manga distributors, including Viz Media. With time, Crunchyroll will be able to garner higher profits while giving anime fans access to everything under one roof.

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Crunchyroll’s acquisition also hints at the fact that the streaming service will now license and distribute more shows every year. Right Stuf currently owns an extensive catalog of licensed anime, several of which comes from its subsidiary Nozomi Entertainment.

This allows Crunchyroll to utilize Right Stuf’s existing relationships and licenses, allowing the streaming platform to bring in more shows for the audience. With both these platforms’ anime & manga collections in one place, anime fans now don’t have to juggle multiple subscriptions to watch their favorite show.

Does The Acquisition Create A Monopoly In The Anime Industry?

However, there are some fans that now worry that this recent acquisition might create a monopoly in the anime industry. Given Crunchyroll’s merger with Funimation and Right Stuf, the streaming platform now owns a big percentage of the American anime & manga market. This would ultimately strip the consumers in terms of the choices available. It could also mean an increase in subscription prices in the future, along with a rampant increase in merchandise pricing.

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With no competitors to keep Crunchyroll in check, the services might end up becoming substandard in the future. It could also bring down the wages paid to workers in the manga and anime industries in North America. After the merger, Right Stuf has already gotten rid of its Erotica section. Fans believe that several other rules regarding the anime content on Right Stuf might be implemented with time making things more restrictive for fans.

Overall, Crunchyroll’s purchase of Right Stuf could mean well in some instances and become a restriction in others. Regardless, how the merger affects the North American anime industry is something consumers will have to wait to see.

What do you think of Crunchyroll’s new acquisition? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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