Bold & Beautiful Fans Explode On Twitter, We Know He’s Alive [YouTube]

‘Bold & Beautiful’ Fans Explode On Twitter, ‘We Know He’s Alive’

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Bold & Beautiful fans exploded on Twitter in light of the recent broadcast. They noticed the “most annoying” detail after Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) came back to life. Read on to learn more as to why fans are losing their minds.

Complaints about Steffy & Finn’s reunion

In a previous episode of The Bold & Beautiful, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) reunited with Finn. It was an emotional moment for the show’s favorite couple. Not all of the viewers were happy though. After months of waiting, the fans have finally gotten the moment they’ve been waiting for.

Their reunion took place during last Monday’s episode. The couple affectionally called “Sinn” met up in Monte Carlo. Steffy wandered around the gorgeous city in a little black lace dress. She looked impeccable as she mourned the loss of her husband. Meanwhile, Finn was frantically searching for her after he finally broke free.

Steffy Forrester & Finn Reunited [YouTube]
A bell reunited the couple. Some Bold & Beautiful fans noticed that it was the symbol for executive producer Bradley Bell. Steffy ended up at a church, where she met Finn out front waiting for her. While most fans gushed over the sweet scene, others noticed that this will just cause more drama for the couple in the future.

  • “I just want justice for Finn and Steffy. Li and Sheila must pay for their crimes.”
  • “The trauma Steffy & the kids went through can’t be ignored or erased.”
  • “100% and I’m really glad the spoilers look like Steffy won’t just let that go.”
  • “A little mother-in-law tiff is good soapy drama.”
  • “I know above all she’s grateful but there’s no way I wouldn’t be irate for going through that mourning unnecessarily.”
  • “The Li vs Steffy is the storyline we need.”
Steffy Forrester Mourning Finn [YouTube]

Bold & Beautiful has “annoying” detail

Now, fans are noticing another “annoying” detail about the CBS soap. After the other characters on The Bold & Beautiful learned that Finn is alive, they can’t stop mentioning it. Fans took to Twitter once again to complain every time the characters on the show mentioned that Finn’s alive. They’re getting sick of this detail that could’ve easily been left out.

  • “It’s really annoying how they keep saying, ‘Finn’s alive.'”
  • “WE KNOW!!!! We’re looking RIGHT AT HIM!!!!”
  • “I’m sick of hearing, ‘Finn is ALIVE,’ as I was ‘Non-alcoholic champagne.'”
  • “If I hear ‘Finn is alive!!’ one more time.”

One person is noticeably absent from Bold & Beautiful and that’s Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown Pelzer). The police department is still looking for her since she’s responsible for Finn’s near-death experience. Sheila confronted Steffy, which resulted in both Steffy and her husband being shot. Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) saved her son and brought him back to life, but Sheila took advantage of that moment and is now on the run.

Brooke Logan Mentions Finn's Fate [YouTube]
Fans could learn this week that Sheila might be gone for good. Of course in soap opera land, that doesn’t always last for long. What are your thoughts on the new episodes of The Bold & Beautiful? What do you find annoying about Finn being back? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of The Bold & Beautiful air weekdays on CBS.

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