‘sMothered’: Where Do Angelica & Jason Stand, Still Together?

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sMothered returned for Season 4 last night. It allowed for new cast members to be introduced. At the same time, updates were given on the returning cast. One mother/daughter duo back for another round was Angelica and Sunhe. Fans were eager to know what happened with Anglica and her fiance, Jason. Did they end up tying the knot? Read on to find out what transpired between the couple.

Where The sMothered Couple Left Off

It was a big season for Angelica and her partner, Jason. They welcomed their baby Amara while also getting engaged. However, the engagement caused a lot of drama for the duo. Jason had been married prior and his mother was not too thrilled with this new engagement. She is not a huge fan of Angelica in general and wants her son to get married for the right reasons. In her mind, a baby is not the right reason. Yet, Angelica and Jason have been together for five years so that seems pretty serious and ring-worthy.


He does not appear to let on to his mom, Toshiko just how serious this relationship is. That they could get married at any moment or that they have set a date. At the same time, Angelica’s mother, Sunhe has been difficult, as well. She has not always been completely on board with the relationship. When Season 3 ended, though, the couple was looking to get married and all was right with the world. Did they seal the deal or is that still to come this season?

Happily Ever After?

According to Starcasm, the sMothered couple did indeed call off their wedding. Not just their wedding but Jason and Angelica also called off their engagement. Though they have called off the wedding, she admits that they are still together. She feels they are not ready to take the leap however it does not appear that they have any intentions of breaking up. Angelica adds that she wants Jason to want this more and it does not feel like that at the moment. Furthermore, their mothers played a huge part in the demise of the wedding.


Neither mother supported the marriage. Therefore, Angelica could not go into it knowing this. Plus, Sunhe had no reservations saying that she felt her daughter could do better than Jason. In fact, she was thrilled when Angelica called off the wedding. It appears she is quite hopeful that Jason will be gone for good. For now, the three of them are all still living together, and baby Amara. As for what will happen in the future, that is anybody’s guess.

Do you think Angelica and Jason should try to work it out or is it over? Let us know in the comments and watch sMothered Mondays on TLC.

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  1. These mothers are crazy. I wonder what would happen if these smothered cast got together with I’m with a mama’s boy case. Oh what fun.

  2. Sunset, Angelina’s mother hates her life and herself so she’s dedicated what time she has left to ruining her daughters life

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