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‘LPBW’ Fans Say Tori Roloff Publicly Shamed Jackson

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LPBW (Little People, Big World) fans are discussing Tori Roloff’s latest social media posts about her son, Jackson. And many of her followers are unhappy and claim that she has publicly shamed her five-year-old. So, what happened, and what do fans have to say about it?

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Tori Roloff opens up about Jackson’s behavior.

On her Instagram Stories on Monday, Tori got real with LPBW fans and talked about her rough day. The mom of three specifically noted that Jackson, 5, had a tough time.

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She told fans that she felt overwhelmed and overstimulated throughout the day. Her dishwasher may be broken, she had a lot to accomplish, and she wanted to spend more time with the kids. However, that didn’t exactly happen and that’s why her day wasn’t so great.

She added, “It ended with Jackson making a red choice (honestly a rare occasion for him) and having to miss out on fun stuff with dad.”

Below, you can read both of the Instagram Stories she shared about her day.

Tori Roloff Instagram, LPBW Tori Roloff Instagram, LPBW

LPBW fans call Tori out for publicly shaming her son.

On RedditLPBW fans are discussing these confessions from Tori and some are calling her out for publicly shaming her five-year-old son. After all, many TLC viewers follow her on Instagram. She has 1.8 million followers, so lots of people heard about Jackson’s “red choice.”

Some of her followers had no idea what a red choice was. One LPBW fan explained, “It’s very much left over from when she taught Kindergarten, red choice green choice is easy for kids to understand and is used in early education a lot.”

Another fan had negative feelings about this discipline method and wrote, “It’s a full elementary school thing- I am currently fighting to have it completely stopped at my school. It’s public shaming and humiliation. I also hate that it’s used at my sons school.”

Jackson Roloff, LPBW, YouTube

Someone else agreed and said, “This seems like a weird and embarrassing way to show your kids they’re doing something bad in front of their peers… maybe that’s just me.”

Other LPBW fans think it’s a good way to stop describing kids or their behaviors as “bad.” Either way, many fans agree that Tori shouldn’t post about her kids’ behavior on social media and publicly shame them to her 1.8 million Instagram followers. They think this could have been kept private to avoid embarrassing Jackson.

So, do you think that Tori Roloff publicly shamed Jackson? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the LPBW family.

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  1. I think everybody should stop pounding this poor girl about everything she shares. She’s a mom just like you and I and I know I can’t say I’ve done everything right with my children and I’m pretty sure you can either. So that’s the first one without shame throw the first stone. I don’t really believe she shamed Jackson in public and if she uses what she’s been taught as a teacher to correct her child’s behavior then don’t blame her blame the system that taught her this.

  2. How many moms of 3 have the time to go to the gym and get coffee by themselves! Stop whining! Be happy you can do that, while most moms can’t!

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