Kylie Jenner Accused Of Scamming Fans

Kylie Jenner | Youtube

Kylie Jenner may have gotten herself in trouble with fans on a recent Instagram post. After sharing, fans instantly started talking about scamming. Keep reading to find out what she did.

Kylie Jenner’s recent post

Makeup guru Kylie Jenner has fans questioning her intentions on Instagram. The Kardashians star just posted a promotional post on Instagram and her followers seem to think she is trying to get them all involved in a scam.

The post she made is pretty common amongst influencers and has a pretty bad reputation. She shared a photo of herself sitting amongst quite a few designer bags. In the comments, she lets fans know that the whole collection will be given away to one person that jumps through a few hoops to earn it.

“want to WIN my favorite handbag collection and $70,000 USD cash??!! #sponsored 💚💜 total prize valued at $100,000 USD!!! so epic,” she writes before sharing the rules to the contest.

The rules include things like following the account sponsors the contest and then following all the accounts they are following.

Needless to say, this raised some red flags with her followers who know that this particular contest is a scam. They were sure to let her know in the comments.

  • “How are these still happening I need answers”
  • “stop scamming”
  • “are we still endorsing fraud promo???? as if…..who’s controlling this Ponzi scheme..I NEED TO KNOW”
  • “Not this scam again 😭”
  • “Now Kylie…. “

Since the comments have come in, Kylie has not said anything about the contest.

Kylie Jenner | Youtube
Kylie Jenner | Youtube

Is she a bad mom?

This isn’t the only thing Kylie is catching judgment for. She is also in hot water over her parenting choices.

While in London, Kylie had her daughter, Stormi, dressed in head-to-toe leather. This would normally be fine, except the weather in London was rather hot. This caused some concern for fans. They just want to make sure that Stormi is okay.

“They look cute but Stormi might needs some summer clothes in that heat wave over there. Kylie is used to overdressing in hot weather,” one mentions.

“It’s really hot in London today – they look like leather trousers?” another says.

Of course, Kylie hasn’t said anything about the accusations.

Do you think Kylie Jenner is scamming fans? What do you think of her parenting skills? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite Kardashian and Jenner family members!

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  1. If people want to follow the Kardashians, or any other “influencers”, that is entirely up to them. I was raised in a very different time, when we were encouraged to be our own person and not be a “follower”.

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