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‘Big Brother 24’ The Real Reason Daniel Doesn’t Want To Leave

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Big Brother started a few weeks ago now and it’s in full swing with many alliances, a lot of drama, and of course, a few blindsides. One player, in particular, is standing out right now as he desperately wants to stay in the BB house. Keep reading to find out the real reason he wants to stay.

Warning: Big Brother 24 Spoilers Ahead

Big Brother 24 Daniel going home?

This week, festie bestie duo Brittany and Michael are in charge of the house – more specifically Michael. He not only won HOH this week, but he also won the Power of Veto. This leaves him in complete control of who sits on the block.

Originally, he put Monte, Terrance, and Joseph on the block. However, he then decided to use the veto to keep them in and instead, put Kyle and Daniel up with the intent to send Daniel home. Of course, Daniel is doing everything he can to stay in the Big Brother house. After all, he has been applying for ten years.

Fans took to social media to talk about what they are seeing happen on the live feeds. Daniel is going to great lengths to make sure he can stay in the house. This includes telling fellow houseguests about his financial situation back home.

Big Brother 24 | Youtube
Big Brother 24 | Youtube

Daniel has decided to reveal that he is very broke. Apparently, he has no money at home and no job to go back to. So, right now, he’s just trying to make it to the jury house so that he can get a good paycheck from Big Brother. The houseguests get paid depending on how long they are in the house.

In a Facebook post, a follower of the show talks about Daniel’s situation.

“I’ll do anything – anything you want just to stay in this house for one more week!” they start. They continue explaining that this is Daniel’s tactic. “This was Daniel’s plea to Michael hours after the latter won HoH. As it turns out, there was lots more fuel behind this ask than we first understood: Daniel is flat broke.”

Of course, the comment section is full of other fans sharing their thoughts on the situation. It seems at this point, no one has sympathy for him.

    • “Just send him home…he contradicts himself way too much,” one person writes.
    • “Get. Him. Out,” another says.
    • “He won’t get sympathy, nope no thank you.”

At the end of the day, it will be up to the houseguests on who goes home. However, Daniel has been the target all week so it seems pretty likely this will be his last week in the house and he won’t make it onto jury.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

What do you think of Daniel in the Big Brother 24 house? Should he stay another week? Or, is it time for him to pack his bags? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite houseguests!

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