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Uncle Dale & Aunt KiKi’s Dog Eats Something Shocking

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Turns out Uncle Dale Mills and Aunt KiKi’s dog ate something a bit shocking recently. Uncle Dale a.k.a. Uncle Doofus shared a video and a photo revealing their dog Kobe snacked on something he really shouldn’t have. The incident created an issue for their son Bronson and forced the family into an unexpected trip and purchase. Staying true to his personality, Uncle Dale found a way to spin the incident into a funny video that he posted on both TikTok and Instagram.

What did their dog Kobe Mills get ahold of and chow down on that was so shocking? Keep reading for the details and to watch the video!

Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi’s dog eats something shocking

Uncle Dale Mills hopped on a trend that involved showing an artist followed by showing a piece of art. The video, however, was his cheeky way of showing off something shocking that his dog got ahold of and snacked on recently. Turns out, Kobe Mills got ahold of Bronson’s glasses while he wasn’t wearing them. Kobe ended up doing some serious damage to the glasses. Uncle Dale Mills referred to the damaged glasses as Kobe’s “art.”

Uncle Dale jokingly penned in the caption of his video on Instagram: “you lucky you cute bruh! He decided to eat Bronson’s glasses…”

Check out the video down below:


Lucky you cute Kobe Mills! #doggoproblems #fyp #kobemills #thamillsfam

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Aunt KiKi shows off Bronson’s new glasses

A few days ago, Aunt KiKi took to her Instagram as well. She shared a photo of her son Bronson rocking his new glasses. She explained in the caption that their dog Kobe got ahold of Bronson’s glasses, so they were forced to replace them.

Aunt KiKi penned: “Kobe got a hold of Bronson’s glasses so we had to wait a full week for his new ones. Never seen him so excited about his glasses and his case that came with it.”

Bronson Mills - Aunt KiKi
Bronson Mills – Aunt KiKi

OutDaughtered fans react to funny video and new glasses

In the comments of Aunt KiKi’s photo, OutDaughtered fans swooned over how grown-up Bronson was looking these days. They couldn’t believe how long his hair was getting. And, they thought he looked great in his new glasses. Many fans admitted they found Kobe Mills chewing up Bronson’s glasses to be super relatable. And, they loved that Uncle Dale Mills was able to find a way to laugh about the incident afterward.

What do you think of Uncle Dale’s video and Bronson’s new glasses? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on OutDaughtered.

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