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‘The Yakuza’s Guide To Babysitting‘: Exploring Main Cast

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The Yazuka’s Guide To Babysitting is the perfect anime for fans looking for a lighthearted comedy. While the manga has been around since June 2018, its anime adaptation premiered only on July 7, 2022, on Crunchyroll. The anime adaption was created by Itsuro Kawasaki and written by Keiichirō Ōchi, with 5 episodes to date.

When Will The Yazuka’s Guide To Babysitting Episode 6 Premiere?

With Episode 6 slated to release on August 11, 2022, let us take a quick look at the main character of the anime manga adaptation. For fans that loved the wholesome antics of Spy x Family, this anime would surely be a treat to watch. As per, it features a similar storytelling beat to Spy x Family. It even features similar characters as well.

The Yazuka's Guide To Babysitting YouTube

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Five episodes in, the anime has established its main cast comprising of some unique yet lovable characters. However, most of them are connected or belong to the Sakuragi crime family. Yet, Yazuka isn’t a crime thriller. Underneath scary mobster exteriors, the main characters of the anime are wonderful and kind people. Although they do have some personality flaws, their antics make up for amazing comedic moments throughout the series.

Kirishima Toru Explores His Caring Side

The star of the show, Kirishima Toru, is an insecure babysitter with a past associated with the crime world. With an aim to change, he now follows his boss’ order to babysit his daughter.

The Yazuka's Guide To Babysitting YouTube

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Although handling a child might seem simple for a trained babysitter, it becomes a mountainous challenge for Toru. The story dives into the situations that allow Toru to find his caring, paternal side to be a reliable babysitter for young Yaeka.

Toru Helps Sakuragi Yaeka With Her Loneliness

The aforementioned daughter of the mafia is Sakuragi Yaeka, who is shy but a well-meaning child. She does have a few insecurities of her own. Although she does get along with her loving father, they often don’t get to spend a lot of time given his occupation.

The Yazuka's Guide To Babysitting YouTube

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Before Toru entered her life as her babysitter, Yaeka was pretty miserable. She feared her comatose mother didn’t love her as she didn’t speak to her anymore. But, Toru steps in to convince her otherwise, restoring the mother-daughter relationship.

Sakuragi Kazuhiko Is The Mafia Boss

Sakuragi Kazuhiko is the mafia boss who has a very convincing image of the criminal overlord. He is tough and smart in what he does and doesn’t forgive mistakes or weaknesses easily. Although he does have a tough exterior, he has a soft spot in his heart, but only for his only child Yaeka.

The Yazuka's Guide To Babysitting YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

His time apart from his daughter does ail him, but he has to make do with whatever time he gets, given the mafia boss’s responsibilities. To ensure Yaeka does have some company, he assigns Toru as her babysitter.

Other Characters In The Yazuka’s Guide to Babysitting

Apart from these three central characters, there are other delightful entries in the cast as well. For example, Toichiro Aoi is Toru’s best friend in the mob and even his role model. Sugihara Kei is an avid follower of Toru and looks up to him. Another important character is Kurosaki Kanami, who is Yaeka’s aunt, who is a warm and caring lady.

Do you think The Yazuka’s Guide To Babysitting will have more characters for fans to explore in future episodes? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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