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‘SW’ Preview: Meri Brown Lies About Bond With Christine?

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown really has only had a bond with fourth wife Robyn. They even spent Thanksgiving 2020 together while criticizing the other wives for not being in town. In all fairness, Meri has found ways to alienate herself from the plural family and then play the victim. Now, in a clip for Season 17, she talks about her bond with former third wife Christine. Does she have a different spin on their relationship than what it was really like?

Meri Brown, On An Island All Alone

For Meri, her sole title was first and only legal wife of Kody Brown. She knew she wanted to be in plural marriage as that was how she was raised. The first wife they brought in was her former sister-in-law, Janelle, and Meri admitted to being mildly jealous of her. Of course, she would be as it was a big adjustment. However, it was third wife, Christine who was the hardest for Meri to warm up to. Her jealousy went through the roof. Another problem Meri faced was fertility since the other wives gave Kody six children each. She only was able to give him one.

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When Robyn came along in 2010, Kody really shifted his allegiance from being a plural family man to favoritism toward his new wife. Yet, Meri bonded with Robyn so much that she offered to be a surrogate for Meri. They even worked on the family business together while Janelle and Christine were off doing their own thing. Christine had helped to raise Janelle’s children and the two of them had taken the real estate exam together in Las Vegas. Once they all moved to Flagstaff and the pandemic hit, everyone was separated.

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Meri was completely alone as she and Kody were purely platonic. Robyn had Kody most of the time as she was now the most obedient wife. Then Janelle and Christine would sneak off and hang out when they could behind Kody’s back. The only time Meri really tried to help Christine was when Christine said she could not do marriage with Kody anymore. Meri told her sister wife to look at the mountains. Now, with Christine leaving, Meri is painting quite a picture of their relationship.

Sudden Friendship?

There was a point where Christine told Meri Brown that she brought a lot of baggage with her. She was constantly negative and not really a happy person. It appeared that changed once she bought her bed and breakfast away from the family in Utah. Now, in a clip for the new season of Sister Wives, released by TLC, Christine has decided to not just leave Kody. She is also moving from Flagstaff. Upon learning of the big steps she is taking, everyone is stunned. However, Meri is truly devastated. She claims, in her confessional, that she looked at Christine as a friend.

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This is really a shocker coming from Meri as the two haven’t engaged much at all. Furthermore, Christine revealed that she has felt like an outcast for a few years now and really has not been happy. At the Season 16 tell-all, she even added that she never wanted a marriage like Kody and Meri’s that had zero intimacy. Finally, Meri commented last year that if she fell ill with Covid, no one would care or even be there for her. So, if she deemed Christine such a good friend, wouldn’t she call upon her?

Do you think Meri Brown and Christine really had a friendship or is this all for dramatic purposes? Let us know and watch the Season 17 premiere of Sister Wives September 11 on TLC.


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