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‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Shares HUGE News

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Janelle Brown is having a really big summer. She is relishing the fact that she is going to be a grandmother again. Plus, the new season of Sister Wives premieres in a little over a month. Now, the mother of six has some huge news to share with her followers. What is it exactly? Read on to find out.

Janelle Brown Hits Some Major Milestones

Moving to Las Vegas was a huge step for Janelle as she was finally in control of her life. For many years, she was always the working wife. She supported the plural family by being in the office from sunrise to sunset. Yet, she actually preferred it this way. Plus, she always knew that her sister wife, Christine was there to help raise her kids. In Utah, the Browns lived under one roof yet in Vegas, each of the four wives had their own home. They were now responsible for the day-to-day activities which was a big shift from the daily operations prior to the move.

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For Janelle, she stepped out of an office and into real estate. Soon, she started to get into fitness which was a big step for her. Then, she developed Strive with Janelle which was a wellness company. Additionally, she started to sell Plexus with her daughter, Maddie, and was very successful. It appeared that she was living a richer, more fulfilling life than just the nine to five she was used to. She also had more time for her kids which was vital during the pandemic.

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Janelle became the sole parent as her husband, Kody did not trust the lifestyle that both she and Christine were living. He felt that they were reckless and that Janelle’s sons were disobedient. However, Janelle stood up for her family and did what she had to do to ensure they were cared for. No matter what he said, she would not betray them or let them feel abandoned. Garrison, who was saving up during that time, now has his own home. Yet there is more huge news from the Janelle front.

This Is Major

Not so long ago, Janelle Brown showed a photo of her teaching her youngest daughter, Savanah how to drive. It was scary but maybe more so for fans who have watched her grow up. Now it seems the deed is done. Janelle took to her Instagram story to reveal that Savanah has in fact gotten her license.

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She drove to a school event today and that was enough for Janelle. It is a very hard moment for her as she realizes that all of her babies will soon be gone.

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Luckily, she has a new grandchild on the way thanks to her daughter Maddie Brush. The mother of two recently made the announcement via her Instagram. Baby Brush will join big brother Axel and little sister Evie K. in February 2023. Still, it is a harsh reality to see your last baby behind the wheel, all grown up.

Can you believe Savanah is driving now? So much more to see in Janelle Brown’s family when Sister Wives returns September 11 on TLC.



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