Jennifer Duggar Corrects Mom Michelle In Awkward Conversation

Duggar family Instagram, Jennifer Duggar

In a recently resurfaced video of Jennifer Duggar and her mom, Michelle, the young girl corrects her mom. The two of them are having a somewhat awkward conversation in the TLC clip, and fans have a lot to say about it. Keep reading to get all of the details and check out the video further down below.

This isn’t the first time that fans have seen an awkward conversation between Michelle and any of her children. As we previously reported, fans recently roasted Michelle for having a bizarre chat with her son, Josh, as she prepared to shave his neck for the last time before he got married. Fans felt that this was awkward and uncomfortable to watch.

Now, fans have discovered an odd chat between Jenifer Duggar and her mother, Michelle.

Duggar family Instagram, Jennifer Duggar

Jennifer Duggar corrects her mom, Michelle, in an awkward video.

On Reddit, an old TLC clip has resurfaced. Duggar fans and critics are discussing the scene between Jennifer Duggar and her mom, Michelle. In the video, the young girl and her mother are in the kitchen together.

In the video, Jennifer is making food for her pet calf. The family had a little farm on their property at the time.

As Michelle watches her daughter prepare it, she points out, “Wow. That’s why they grow up so fast.”

However, Jennifer quickly tells her mom that she wasn’t correct. The young girl says, “They don’t grow very fast actually. It takes like six months for them to get big.”

Counting On, Jennifer Duggar Counting On, Jennifer Duggar, Michelle Duggar

Fans react to the odd video.

In the comments section of the resurfaced video, Duggar fans and critics are talking about how strange this interaction between the mom and daughter was. They feel that Michelle doesn’t have a true connection with her kids and that she tries to force conversations.

Whether or not this is totally true, fans feel bad for Jennifer Duggar. They wish that she could have a closer bond with her mom.

Someone says that it looks like Michelle “has a problem having any normal kind of a relationship.”

Another adds, “This scene was soooooo hard and awkward to watch. Like how, do you not know how to connect with your child. You got 19!!!!”

Imagine this being your literal child and you can’t figure out a way to make a conversation with them or find any way to relate to them beyond a surface level discussion about cows
by u/nuggetsofchicken in DuggarsSnark

So, what do you think of Jennifer Duggar correcting her mother, Michelle? Did you find this conversation to be awkward, too? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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