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‘Big Brother’ Klyssa Showmance Over?

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During some seasons of Big Brother, viewers can expect to see some sort of relationship (or showmance) start to form between two of the players. This season, those players are Kyle and Alyssa. However, there has been some question regarding the status of their relationship. Fans took to the internet to talk it out.

Big Brother 24 Showmance

According to Reddit, there is some discussion on if this season’s showmance is going to last. One user took time to let everyone know that social media is claiming the pair are over.

“Social media: “Kylssa is over” Alyssa to Kyle: “You’re my favorite person ever, I love….” (She stopped herself),” a fans writes in an online thread.

This makes it seem as though there is a chance that the pair could quit their showmance and dedicate their gameplay to their alliances. However, others jump in saying this isn’t really true and social media has it all wrong.

  • “She flips. She was going around last night how they don’t kiss on the lips and how their relationship isn’t that serious.”
  • “Well, they are (were) trying to downplay it so they wouldn’t get targeted for being in a showmance.”
  • “They haven’t done the best job since even before they really coupled in nobody cared. When it started heating up Indy & Joseph we’re already catching wind.”
  • “Didn’t she tell him last night that he was the love of her life?”

At this point, it seems that nobody really understands where the relationship is heading. Sometimes the couple acts like they love each other. Other times, Alyssa has a situationship back home and this is all for fun. Regardless, hopefully, both houseguests are doing what is best for their games!

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Fans don’t love the couple

Sometimes showmances get a lot of love. However, this specific pairing has made viewers pretty suspicious of Kyle. Kyle was in an alliance that seemed pretty serious. However, this alliance doesn’t include his showmance partner, Alyssa. This instantly raises a red flag for viewers knowing he isn’t totally, 100% committed to this alliance.

  • “I’m sad about Kyle. He had such potential.”
  • “Don’t judge me for thinking this but Alyssa has mentioned so many times her favorite player is Angela and I really think she’s trying to get the Angela showmance vibes”
  • “So Kyle and Alyssa made out already. Great.”
Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Who is your favorite houseguest this season on Big Brother? Let us know in the comment section. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more updates on all of your favorite players and happenings.

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