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Amazon’s ‘Paper Girls’ Shines Bright Light On Tweenage Problems

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While being a sci-fi thriller, Amazon’s Paper Girls also shines a bright light on some core tweenage problems. Praised for its incredible character development, the series takes a hard look at a lot of aspects of life that pre-teen girls struggle with. The series is being praised across the Internet as being raw, real, and thrilling. What are some of these tweenage problems the series takes a hard look at? Keep reading for the details.

Warning: Contains spoilers. 

Paper Girls: Struggling with sexuality

While Mac’s sexuality seems to be up in the air, KJ learns she’s gay after watching an older version of herself kissing her female roommate. Suddenly, a lot of the internal struggles KJ has had with her feelings and emotions start to make sense. Fans watch as KJ struggles with whether she should tell her friends while developing a crush for Mac at the same time.

Paper Girls - Amazon Video - YouTube
Paper Girls – Amazon Video – YouTube

Getting first period

Amidst all the chaos from Season 1 of Paper Girls, Erin manages to start her very first period. Fans watch as she tries to find a way to reach out to her older self about this problem. Things, however, escalate quickly and she’s never able to do so. After time traveling and losing both older Erin and Larry, Erin tells the other paper girls about her problem. Without much in the way of money, Erin gets Mac to help her with her problem by stealing sanitary products from a gas station. The girls team up to distract the clerk so Mac can make the grab.

Having no experience with sanitary products, Mac opts for the tampons because she believes the pads look too much like an adult diaper. The girls proceed to sit in a circle while examining the tampons and trying to help Erin figure out how to use them. Feeling overwhelmed, Erin tells the girls she’s decided to “quit” her period. KJ, however, was quick to point out that she didn’t think quitting her period was an option.

Paper Girls - Amazon Video - YouTube
Paper Girls – Amazon Video – YouTube

On Twitter, fans of Paper Girls found Erin’s feelings toward her period to be hugely relatable. Likewise, fans seemed to agree that the scene with the girls trying to understand how a tampon worked was incredible. Ultimately, the girls are unable to figure it out and Mac goes back to get her pads instead.

Paper Girls: White lies

One of the number one things fans find themselves yelling at the screen while watching Paper Girls is simple” “Just Tell Them!” A large chunk of the pre-teen girls’ problems stems from the fact that they are holding back information or telling a white lie. For example, a lot of tension could have been avoided if Mac had just told her friends she learned she died at the age of 16. Likewise, things would have also been easier for KJ if she told her friends she discovered her older self was actually interested in women.

Paper Girls - Amazon Video - YouTube
Paper Girls – Amazon Video – YouTube

Overall, the female audience tuning in to Paper Girls agrees Amazon did an incredible job shining a bright light on all the relateable tweenage problems. Have you had time to watch this series yet? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more.

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