‘When Calls The Heart’ Celebrates Major Milestone

When Calls The Heart Photo: Chris McNally, Erin Krakow Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Sven Boecker

This weekend, Hope Valley has been a place of celebration because When Calls The Heart is celebrating a major milestone. The Hallmark series just started filming in Vancouver, BC.

What are they celebrating?

Why Is Everyone Going To WCTH Set?

Although When Calls The Heart started production on July 25, there has been very little from the set. Therefore, it was not a total surprise when ET’s Deidre Behar went to Twitter to ask Hearties what they may want to know about the upcoming season. That is because we don’t have any information including how many episodes, or any direction the new showrunner, Lindsay Sturman, may be taking the series.

#Hearties: *now* would be a good time to let me know all your specific, juicy, burning questions as we go into season 10 of @WCTH_TV! Go go go!”

That was on Thursday, and Hearties had a lot of questions that Deirdre needs to investigate.

When Calls The Heart's Brian Bird-https://twitter.com/brbird/status/1555191842542608385
When Calls The Heart’s Brian Bird-https://twitter.com/brbird/status/1555191842542608385

However, the first hint that something big was happening was due to a post by the show’s co-creator, Brian Bird, On Friday, he shared on Twitter a photo of himself on a plane. He wrote, “Hope Valley bound, #Hearties. S10. Boom.”

What could this all mean?

Heartie Figures Out That When Calls The Heart Is Celebrating Milestone

On Saturday, one clever Heartie, Martha H, wrote on Twitter, “Do you think maybe they are having a celebration party in Vancouver for Wcth 10 year anniversary this weekend They just might be because Brian Bird went up there Deidre Behar went up there and I think a few others .just my thoughts Hearties @erinkrakow @brbird @hallmarkchannel.”


When Calls The Heart Is Celebrating 100 Episodes

It turns out this Heartie is right! Hallmark is hosting a celebration for When Calls The Heart. The series is celebrating 100 episodes and quite a few people are there to join in on the celebration.

How do we know this? Because later on Saturday, Brian Bird returned to Twitter to share some news.

#Hearties, when @MLandonjr and I started our journey with #WhenCallstheHeart way back in 2008, we could never have imagined in 2022 that we would be celebrating 100 episodes of a hit TV series. Thank you for helping make it all possible! Wish you were here to celebrate with us!

Bird shared three photos. The first was of a huge cake that depicted Hope Valley, with the words “When Calls The Heart. Congratulations On 100 Episodes! America’s Top Rated Cable Series!” No one was editing out exclamation points on that cake!

In addition, he shared two photos that included Janette Oke, the author of the When Calls The Heart books, Brian Bird, Michael Landon Jr., and Erin Krakow, as well as others including Wonya Lucas, the Crown Media CEO.

Hearties, what are your favorite moments from the first 100 episodes of When Calls The Heart?

Georgia Makitalo


    1. It is historically sometime in February/March. Hallmark will announce a premiere date at the very beginning of 2023. They just started filming Season 10.

  1. My husband and I love, When Calls The Heart. We can’t wait to see what happens next! We are excited about a new baby to watch grow up!

  2. WCTH is one of the best series I’ve ever watched. I’m 72 so I’ve watched quite a few in my lifetime. It’s inspiring, up lifting and has the highest of morals. It’s hard to find movies or series that have these qualities. It has brought both tears and laughter when watching it. It is the definitely best!!!

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