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Fans Say Savannah Guthrie & Jenna Bush Hager Are ‘Shameful’


Today show hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie’s feud has been the talk of the town lately. Savannah’s treatment of Hoda Kotb hasn’t gone down well with fans, with most siding with Hoda. However, what is it that has fans enraged so much that they have decided to boycott the show?

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Today Viewers Dub Jenna And Savannah’s Behavior Shameful

After an episode that aired on Friday, viewers have now vowed to boycott the show citing the bad treatment of Hoda Kotb by Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager. Although in the past, fans did voice their opinion regarding the ongoing feud between the co-hosts, they never said they’d boycott the show. However, it seems like this time, Savannah and Jenna’s treatment of Hoda was too bad for fans to watch.

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Fans posted about their disapproval on Twitter as one posted, “It is shameful what Savannah and Jenna are doing to Hoda. She is who I admire out of the three. Good Morning America from now on.”

Another fan wrote, “I’m boycotting the show because of it.”

A third commented, “I commend both of you for trying to get past whatever has been going on with you two,”

“Both of you are professionals with incredible gifts to The Today Show family! Remember, you two have helped us all through dark days! 40-year viewers here,” they continued.

Savannah Guthrie Pokes Fun At Hoda’s Dancing Style

Despite some praise and optimism from fans, it seems like the hosts weren’t playing nice to Hoda throughout the show. The very same day, Savannah shared a behind the scene video of herself & Hoda dancing on Twitter. As per The Sun, the co-hosts were joined by young Hope and Harley, who seemed nervous before the camera.

In the video, Savannah made some silly faces at the two girls & even poked fun at Hoda’s dancing style while pointing the finger at the co-star. She captioned the tweet, “Mom dancing for the win!”

A fan replied in the comments & said, “Already embarrassed by Hoda’s mom dancing.”

Savannah Requests A Sweet Surprise For Her Today Co-Host

The Friday show did have some sweet moments as well. At one point, during the live segment, the hosts were joined by co-anchors Jacob Soboroff and Craig Melvin. Savannah also made a special request to the show’s special musical guest Walker Hayes. She mentioned that Hoda would soon celebrate her 58th birthday and asked the singer to sing her ‘Happy Birthday.’

Hoda Kotb YouTube

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She told the singer, “You know that Hoda is probably your number one fan.”

Hayes didn’t disappoint the hosts and even asked the audience to join in as they wished Hoda. Savannah placed her arm on Hoda’s back as she gave her a lovely smile during that awkward side hug. She then went on to hug the music star & said, “Thank you. That was super sweet.”

Are Jenna Bush Hager And Savannah Guthrie Close?

Jenna Bush Hager is the daughter of the former president of the United States, George W. Bush. Savannah was a White House correspondent before she joined Today as a host. This is why the two are close and have conveniently iced out Hoda.

Jenna Bush Hager YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Do you think Savannah and Jenna are too rude to their co-host Hoda Kotb? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Husband and I are so disappointed with this drama. Savanna has always been the one to talk over people, staff and guest. Sometimes the men do too. Why would anyone want to be a guest. Honda genuinely cares about the guest, not going through the motions. Come on , this is not grade school. Grow up!!!

    1. I can’t stand Savannah she is rude,and nasty.I only watch Hodia and Jenna no way will I ever watch Savannah!!!!

      1. I stopped watching all of the Today Show two years ago. They are so rude talking over people and not paying attention to what is going on around them. They are not a very truthful news show either. I do not miss hem at all

    2. I have been watching Today for many years . Lately each hour gets worse and by the third hour I need to turn it off . Everyone talks over each other and it’s like a kindergarten where they are all vying the attention and last word . Also they all drink too much wine on the show . I done with Today , can’t the producers see what’s happening.

    3. I think the press and these comments are unfair. We the viewers are not there and we don’t know the truth. I don’t think Jenna is pushing Hoda out. I also don’t think that Hoda and Savannah are enemies. I think these need people need to be the adults and knock off the stories they are putting out there

  2. I watch Today every morning. I think Hoda has been wonderful since attaining the job. She is warm, funny and shows her heart. So Savannah and Jenna have doubled up to take Hoda’s job away from her? Wont work with someone else, how about replacing Savannah she doesnt have the warmth Hoda has.

    1. Hoda is the best host ever. Savannaha is hateful and snippy. And Jenna is a ding bat, no memory what so ever and most of the time tries to fake it and flops miserably. Hoda is empathetic and honest. Love her.

    2. Out of the 3 of them, Savannah is the WORST, then Hager ! Love Hoda ! Guthrie is a major “biotch” and is sooooo rude to everyone, and The only reason Hager has her position is becuz her dad was president, she got her job with no experience whatsoever! Keep Hoda and find a replacement for Savannah !!

  3. Sick of all this Childess stuff grow up act like adults quit backstabbing each other quit being two faced

  4. Savannah needs to go! Can not watch…watched for 40 years… all you ever hear is her voice talking over every guest and every co worker… it has been going on forever! Done Done with this show!!! ☹️

  5. As a lifelong resident of New Orleans, I can tell you that many years ago, before Hoda was on national news, she was making her way as a talented and professional news anchor/reporter on one of our local news shows. She is not a lightweight! Anyone thinking so can do some research on the beginning of Hoda’s career.

  6. How are used to really enjoy watching the today show however the first two hours have become unpleasant savannas just a bulldozer when it comes to dealing with her coworkers save that for your interviews. In the third hour with Hoda and Jenna used to be very sweet and now it’s just awful to watch Jenna is just ridiculously mean to Hoda and I find it very unprofessional and I won’t watch any of it and no longer watching the today show in any regard

  7. Yes, I watch the show everyday. I have noticed how Jenna belittles Hoda from her choice of outfits or her way in the kitchen. Also Hoda has a heart when she interviews and she listens. Savannah does not. I dont like her how Savannah attacks the person when she interviews someone.

  8. get rid of hoda.can’t stand her fake personality.should never of moved her from bottom to top skipping all the good anchors that but there time and hard work in.she thinks shes intitled because shes Egyptian.she nothing but a brat looks like to me

  9. Hoda is awful. She didn’t even know the name of Jenna’s baby once. Sick in tired of seeing her kids too. Joel was smart for leaving her. She didn’t become a mother until she was 52. Now she thinks she knows everything about motherhood. She keeps telling Jenna, that she is her best friend but then doesn’t know anything about her family. She is so fake and phony. It’s pitiful

  10. Boda is not as sweet as everyone thinks she is. She’s drama. Enough is enough. Neither one should be fired, they both need to grow up. I’m sick of talking about it.

  11. Savannah and Jenna are the worst ! Besides being rude to Hoda, Savannah is just plain rude to everyone ! Love Hoda ! Replace Savannah, she is not a nice person !! Keep Hoda !!

  12. Think All of them are Good!! Life is Life, not going to agree on Everything! People are making way too much on this!
    Let’s move on…. All do well in their Special ways!!
    Move on Folks, please!!!!

  13. This was my absolutely favorite morning program for years and if the accusations are correct there are two people that should be ashamed of themselves in this day we don’t need this kind of heat or torture can’t we all just get along and stop backstabbing one another it’s totally unnecessary
    Surround yourself with positive people bring joy to your life and life will bring you joy ! I haven’t watched the show either it’s very unfortunate life has a plan for all of us but it’s sad because I loved watching the today show every day whether it’s media causing this insanity who knows I hope every is well in life goes on🤗

  14. I’m so disappointed in Bush and Guthrie….. grow up. Hoda is so warm and caring, she handles the BS pretty good, better than most would.

  15. We like Savannah and she’s been on the show first. Seems like Honda wants to take over which is very sad.

  16. I enjoy the 4th hour most when Jenna’s on vacation. She’s bossy and loud and never shuts up! Savanah is just plain mean girl. No reason to tell Hoda’s age. Leave her alone. Maybe they’re jealous because she’s so real.

  17. I have watched today show for a long. And I have to side with Savannah and Jenna. To me Hoda has to be the center of attention all the time…

  18. Time for Savanna to take a hike. She’s appeared very dowdy on tv lately an doesn’t have the class or style to keep up with Hoda. Also, her recent interviews could use some “brushing” up skills. We love Hoda!

  19. Hoda has the warmth to make the show more interesting. It’s become more “fluff” and I just stopped watching prior to this “event”. They often talk/yell over each other & I cannot tolerate Jenna. She does not seem qualified to co-host (and appears not too intelligent, at times). Not missing the last hour of TODAY!

  20. They’re all friends and know each other’s families and only friends can make fun of their friends. Stop stirring the pot!

  21. It’s Hoda’s problem. I’m sure she can speak up for herself. Perception is not always reality. I wouldn’t worry about her. She makes between 8–20 million dollars a year and is highly thought of. Don’t watch the show if it make you so unhappy.

  22. Nothing written by with joking around and that’s what Savannah and Jenna were doing. This world is becoming too sensitive and easily cancel, boycott and whine. If you really want to point fingers Honda has always been the “aggressor” against Jenna. Like Kathy Lee was the “aggressor” against Hoda.

  23. I no longer watch Savannah but I like the 3rd hour. I only watch the 4th hour when Jenna is not there. She is loud, interrupts, and makes fun of Hoda often.

  24. I use to be a loyal fan of the Today Show. Now I can not stomach it. It is ridiculous to have it last all morning. Everyone is so fake!! Never liked Savanah or Jenna. Even Hoda has just gotten silly. It will never be the same.

  25. This whole feud thing turns me off. It used to be such a wonderful show. Whatever the problem is, whoever’s “fault” it may be, be the professionals you were meant to be and get over it. You two were a great team and I’m not seeing that anymore. Fire Savannah if she can’t behave and continues to act like a child. Power brings out the worst in people. I have total respect for Hoda.

  26. I watched the Today show for decades, but had to stop watching it a couple years ago because of Savanna’s arrogance and rudeness to her guests. I couldn’t stomach her any longer. I always liked Honda though.

  27. Hoda and Jenna are two lovely ladies. They are genuine, caring and amusingly spontaneous in their comments. It’s a treat to watch a show not designed to shock or stress its audience. Please, media, stop trying to create controversy and manufacture news.

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