‘One Piece’: Is Uta Eerily Similar To Some ‘Naruto’ Villains?

One Piece Film: Red YouTube

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece franchise recently premiered its latest movie, One Piece Film: Red, on July 22, 2022, in Tokyo. This was followed by its August 6, 2022, release in Japan. The story revolves around a new female character, Uta, who is the most adored singer in the One Piece world. On the surface, the anime’s latest character seems very innocuous with her otherworldly singing voice. However, there is something about the character and her ideologies that resonate with some villains from the Naruto world.

One Piece Releases Mini-Series UTA Diary On YouTube

In anticipation of its latest release, One Piece’s official YouTube channel released UTA Diary. It’s a micro-series that has the songstress explaining a bit about herself and her upcoming concert. So, what is it that makes her synonymous with villains from Naruto?

One Piece Film: Red YouTube

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As per CBR.com, just like anyone else would, Uta has an issue with the pain and suffering caused by the pirates. Her intention: to help the ones who have suffered at the hands of the pirates by singing as long as she can. At first, her hope of helping everyone from the painful misery doesn’t sound bad. However, some of her ideologies do resonate with that of Obito and Madara Uchiha, two of Naruto’s biggest villains.

A big reason that makes Uta think this way is her background. Although she doesn’t dive deep into the specifics in the videos, she does give a general idea of the way she felt growing up. Early in her childhood, she was protected by her loved ones from worldly woes, most of which were induced by the pirates. However, later on, the realization struck her hard, and even her favorite melody, ‘Where the Wind Blows,’ couldn’t comfort her. According to her, the pirates are to be blamed for her inability to sing her favorite song.

Uta Narrates The Real Reason She Hates The Pirates

Now, this might or might not have something to do with the Elegia tragedy that happened at the site of her upcoming concert. Uta’s songs were the only thing that comforted her when she was alone and depressed. Later on, she and her followers found refuge in her music, especially by resonating with the lyrics to her song, ‘I Am Invincible.’

One Piece Film: Red YouTube

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To understand why Uta really dislikes pirates, she explains a story, not of herself, but of a fan. She explains that she received several letters from a bedridden girl whose family & home were all destroyed by the pirates. Her only joy in life was Uta’s music! However, later on, she passed away.

This has caused Uta to assume an escapist idealism. She feels that regardless of what happens in the real world, her music can be a way to help people stay happy. This idealism is very similar to Madara Uchiha. Similar to Uta, he believed that the world is caught in a circle of suffering. But, unlike Uta, he could do something about it.

Will Uta Create Infinite Tsukuyomi In The One Piece World?

Madara wished to stop the world’s suffering with the help of the Infinite Tsukuyomi forcing everyone to slip into an everlasting illusion of the ideal world. This is right when Obito joined in on the plan to live in the perfect dream world where Rin, his true love, never died.

One Piece Film: Red YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

To these two villains, from the Naruto anime, living in an endless dream was preferable as compared to facing worldly woes.

Although Uta’s ideologies do resonate with these two villains, it is unclear whether she would go as far as to create an Infinite Tsukuyomi in the One Piece world. Moreover, her powers and potential aren’t clear as of now. So, there is no telling what can happen in the future.

Do you think Uta’s ideologies do resonate with the Naruto villains? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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