‘Sister Wives’ Who Are Meri Brown’s Favorite Family Members?

Meri Brown - Youtube

Sister Wives fans have been browsing Meri Brown’s Instagram recently and they were pretty shocked by what they discovered. What shocking thing did fans dig up on Meri’s social media profile? Keep reading for the details.

Sister Wives fans bored as they await the new season

Another season of Sister Wives has been confirmed. Sister Wives Season 17 is set to premiere on September 11, 2022. Until then, fans have nothing but time to kill. Recently, fans were hit with some pretty big news when they learned Maddie Brown Brush was pregnant with baby #3. This followed shortly behind learning that Mykelti and Tony Padron were pregnant with twins. So, the Brown family tree is set to welcome a few different little ones into the world soon!

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Without any other big family news, Sister Wives fans have nothing but time to kill until the new season. So, fans take to rewatching old episodes, proposing various theories about the family, and poking around the family members’ social media profiles to see what falls out.

While poking around Meri Brown’s social media, one fan found something a bit shocking.

Meri Brown’s Instagram reveals something shocking

Turns out, Meri Brown has distanced herself from nearly the entire family on social media. While she claims things are fine between herself and her husband Kody, she doesn’t follow him on Instagram. Likewise, she doesn’t follow Robyn, Janelle, or Christine either. Moreover, there are only a select few children within the family that Meri Brown happens to follow on her Instagram. Fans think it is weird that Meri clings so hard to this family and acts so desperate for attention from Kody while not even following him on Instagram.

Meri Brown Credit: YouTube
Meri Brown – YouTube

Other fans dial back the shock value. One fan pointed out that social media is “not real life.” This individual noted they do not follow all of their family and friends on social media. And, they do not consider their profile to be a good way to see who they are and are not close to. Other fans suspect Meri might have a second profile that is private and connected to the family. Here’s what some fans had to say about Meri Brown not following family on Instagram:

  • “I have a pretty healthy relationship with my family members (including extended family: aunts/uncle/cousins). I only allow a few of my cousins (like 3) to follow my Instagram and the rest on FB which I’m not even on.. I have nothing against my other family I’m just honestly not interested in seeing their posts or them just seeing mine.”
  • ” I’m close with people I don’t follow on any platform. We can draw conclusions all day, but whether or not someone follows someone else on insta isn’t necessarily indicative of the true nature of their relationship.”

While some fans found it shocking that Meri Brown follows so few of her family members, most fans take what happens on social media as a tidbit of reality.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Instagram
Sister Wives Meri Brown Instagram

Do you think it is weird Meri Brown doesn’t follow her family on Instagram? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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