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Janelle Brown’s Daughter Maddie Goes Back To Real Hair Color?

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Sister Wives fans believe Janelle Brown’s daughter Maddie has decided to revert back to her real hair color.

Janelle Brown’s daughter Maddie Brush shared a glowing selfie of herself and Ysabel on her Instagram Stories recently. On RedditSister Wives fans had tons to discuss about the beautiful photo. One big talking point, however, was Maddie Brown Brush’s hair. Namely, fans took notice of the fact that she appeared to have lightened it up with a nice shade of blonde. Was she trying to get her original hair color back?

What all did Sister Wives fans have to say about Maddie Brown Brush’s hair? And, what other conversations did this gorgeous selfie of Maddie and Ysabel inspire? Keep reading for all the details.

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Sister Wives fans say like mama, like daughter

Fans of Sister Wives are in agreement that Janelle and Christine have beautiful daughters. Moreover, fans think they really said “copy-paste” when it comes to Maddie and Ysabel. Fans believe Maddie is the spitting image of her mother Janelle and they believe the same is true for Ysabel and Christine. Check out the picture with sister Ysabel Brown below.

Maddie Brown Brush Went On Family Vacation [Credit: TLC/YouTube]
[Credit: TLC/YouTube]

Is Janelle Brown’s daughter Maddie returning to her roots?

Turns out, Maddie Brown Brush’s hair has been a topic of conversation among fans pretty frequently. Fans know Maddie colored her hair both brown and black when she was a teenager. Fans assumed it was some sort of act of rebellion. They, however, aren’t really sure why she continued to darker her hair as an adult. Some fans speculated her blonde hair in combination with her receded hairline could have created a bit of a self-image issue for Maddie.

Maddie Brush - Ysabel Brown - Instagram


Today, Maddie Brown Brush has two children and she’s pregnant with a third. Moreover, she’s been taking a weight loss product and focusing on improving her health for a while now. So, fans can only assume she may be carrying a lot more confidence than she used to be and no longer needs to hide behind a hair color that isn’t natural.

Now, because Maddie is pregnant, it is also possible she’s just not coloring her hair because hair dye isn’t recommended by medical experts for pregnant women. So, Maddie’s blonde hair could just be temporary until she gives birth to baby number 3.

So, do you agree that Maddie Brown Brush’s natural hair color is blonde? Why do you think she has decided to return to her roots? What made her go dark and stay dark in the first place? Let us know in the comments down below.

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