Jackson Roloff’s Legs Bowed Worse Than Ever: See New Photo

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Jackson Roloff’s legs appear to be bowed worse than ever in a photo his mother Tori shared within the past 24 hours. As fans know, Jackson had a minimally invasive surgery on his legs to help mend the extreme bowing. Tori and Zach have repeatedly explained to everyone that the surgery was not a quick fix to the problem and that his legs would gradually improve over time. Little People, Big World fans that follow the couple on social media, however, aren’t buying what the couple has been trying to sell about their son’s legs.

LPBW fans don’t believe the surgery benefited Jackson Roloff because they believe his legs have actually gotten worse, not better. Are Jackson’s legs bowed more than ever before? Take a look at recent photos Tori Roloff shared on Instagram and make the decision for yourself.

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Tori Roloff shares new photo of Jackson with siblings

Tori Roloff shared a photo on her Instagram Stories recently that featured all three of her children. She noted that Jackson and Lilah were showing their little brother Josiah “all of the things.” All three children were surrounding a toy on the floor. Josiah was in the middle of his brother and sister. Some eagle-eyed fans, however, were quick to zoom in on Jackson’s legs in the sweet photo.

In this photo, while Jackson was on his belly on the floor, his legs appeared to be so bowed that it looked as if there was something round in between them on the floor. LPBW fans admit the photo was a bit heartbreaking as they worry about how much pain Jackson is in as his legs seem to get worse instead of better.

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Jackson Roloff’s legs: Ankle bones protruding in recent snap

Tori Roloff also shared some sweet photos of Jackson with his siblings on the stairs outside of their home. Again, eagle-eyed fans zoomed in on the photo to take a good look at Jackson’s legs. Fans noticed that Jackson Roloff’s ankle bones appeared to be protruding outwards because of how badly his legs were bowing.

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LPBW fans beg Tori and Zach to get him some medical help

At this point, Little People, Big World fans are all in agreement that Jackson Roloff’s surgery was not successful. Some time has passed and his legs only seem to be getting worst. Fans assume that his legs would not be getting worse if the surgery had been successful. As such, fans have begged Tori and Zach to take him back to the doctor to get his legs under control. Tori Roloff recently got snarky with fans on her Instagram Stories in regards to her children and going to the doctor. So, unfortunately, this isn’t advice she takes well.

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Do you think Little People, Big World fans need to mind their own business when it comes to Jackson’s legs? Or, do you agree that his legs look worse than ever in recent photos his mother has shared on Instagram? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on LPBW.

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  1. When it comes to your children you should be involved in every thing that concerns them. I said they should seek out of State doctor’s opinions.

  2. As a mother with special need children I understand Tori and how she is dealing with Jackson’s legs. The public wasn’t there when she talked to the doctors about his surgery and they aren’t prevey to how long it would take for his legs to show a difference. I don’t see any different from before or after. The public needs to understand that the surgery was not going to be an instant improvement. The surgery was to help his legs straighten as his growth goes on. So we may not see any different until 2 or 3 years down the road. So lay off the advice of making sure Jackson sees his surgeon now! This is not Zach’s first dealing with leg surgery he has had his own surgeries for straightening his legs so he knows what looks successful or not. Tori I think you are doing a wonderful job with the kids and dealing with their little person stature that you haven’t grown up with but have taken on learning and doing right by your children.

  3. I get angry at Tory and Zach , about Matt, however, I just imagine they are keeping an eye on little Jackson’s legs…..they adore their children….and are both great parents….leave them alone….

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