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Are Todd Chrisley Gay Rumors True Or False? See Facts

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Ever since the conclusion of the trial, rumors have swirled that Todd Chrisley was confirmed to have had an affair with another man despite being married to Julie Chrisley. Likewise, Todd is no stranger to accusations he plays for the other team. Some Chrisley Knows Best followers have insisted for years that Todd Chisley was far too flamboyant not to be homosexual.

Looking at the facts, Todd Chrisley is married to a beautiful woman. Likewise, he was previously married to a different woman. So, his very public relationship history doesn’t suggest he’s interested in being with a man. As TvShowsAce has previously reported, Todd Chrisley has addressed these rumors on his podcast before. He noted that he’s never been intimate with a man. He, however, jokingly admitted that he could be bought for the right price. He, however, admitted he would NOT be a cheap date. As anyone who followers Todd knows, he has a flair for sarcasm. So, it is unclear if he was serious or just trolling his followers.

A man with blonde hair with his hands over his mouth in shock
Todd Chrisley/Credit: Chrisley Knows Best YouTube

All of this information aside, some Chrisley Knows Best followers continue to insist there is no way Todd Chrisley is a straight man. Anyone who knows all this information will be the first to admit it isn’t too shocking to learn a rumor about Todd having a gay affair is making rounds. But, where did this rumor come from? Is there any chance it could be true? Let’s get into it.

Todd Chrisley gay affair rumor: Where did it come from?

Mark Braddock, a former business partner of Todd Chrisley, has alleged that he had an extramarital affair with Todd. Todd’s business partner also claims that someone found out about their relationship. And, Todd paid the blackmailer off so they wouldn’t tell the world about it. Cinema Blend reports that Todd Chrisley’s lawyer did respond to these gay affair rumors. His lawyer denied any portion of the story was true.

According to Todd’s lawyer, his business partner Mark had a weird obsession with him. Without outright saying it, the lawyer implied that perhaps Mark wanted to have a relationship with Todd and that’s why he lied about it. Todd Chrisley’s lawyer went on to insist that Mark committed perjury by claiming they had a gay affair because it simply isn’t true.

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Todd and Julie Chrisley/Credit: Chrisley Knows Best YouTube

Daily Mail reports Mark described his relationship with Todd as a “brotherhood.” He claimed that he did share the details of his relationship with Todd with his wife Julie prior to spilling the beans during the trial.

So, is the story true or not?

Unfortunately, the Todd Chrisley gay affair rumor is really a “he said, he said” story. So, whether it is true depends on which side of the story you believe. Todd Chrisley does not benefit in any way from admitting to having a gay affair with his former business partner. He’s married to Julie Chrisley. So, it only makes sense for him to say it isn’t true regardless of if it is or is not true.

Julie Chrisley Loses Weight From Nutrisystem
[USA Network | YouTube]
The real question is simple: What do you think about this Todd Chrisley gay affair rumor? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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  1. If I Had any Money! I would Bet all of it That Todd is Gay, it almost seems lije lhe Trys hard to Show that he is Gay. Like he’s Proud of being gay. I Think he acts very Gay, I’ve seen gay men, and wS surprised to learn they were Gay. They fooled me. But not Todd.

    1. It is not my place, or anyone else’s place, to worry over who sleeps with whom. All anyone needs to worry, stress, talk about, or criticize, is themselves and who or WHAT they are having relationships with!

  2. I’d be totally amazed is he’s not gay and has never been with a man. He’s so effeminate and acts gayer than most gay men.

  3. I don’t think Todd is gay. He’s a Southern man that likes nice things. A true Southern gentleman. Julie’s a lucky woman. 😉😁

  4. Gay men marry and have children all the time to hid the fact they are gay!! My ex husband is gay, but has been able to hide it for a VERY long time. It is very sad they live as lie and destroy lives of the ones who loved them.

  5. I don’t think he is gay. He plays the act very well but I think it would ruin his character if he acted any other way. Do you think his wife would stay with him if he was gay?

  6. He’s gayer than a $3 bill. He’s more effeminate than any gay man on the planet. Todd gives gay men a bad rap because this is how 90% of the straight world think gay men act! He’s very judgmental about peoples clothes, cars, houses, jobs, sports and most other choices. Todd wears more makeup than most women. Sorry, but he’s gay imhop.

  7. He’s so gay even his farts have a lisp. Plus he’s a self entitled, narcissistic and shallow douchebag. He’s the last thing the LGBTQ+ community needs or wants.

  8. He’s so gay even his farts have a lisp. Plus he’s a self entitled, narcissistic and shallow douchebag. He’s the last thing the LGBTQ+ community needs or wants.

  9. I always thought he was. I’m surprised it took this long to come to surface. I figured maybe I am wrong because he is too flamboyant which eould be a red flag if he is. So no I don’t think he actually is.

  10. Well he better change his ways or he will be in big trouble in prison gay or not but I don’t know I mean I am thinking he is going to go to a federal prison and will probably spend most of his time in his cell except for going outside for awhile and then back in his cell but trying to take a shower will be a nightmare but then again he might like it lol who knows

  11. He is not gay. I don’t think Kir or the kids would put up with it. He’s living in TN and we like to dress the best and empress. That goes driving with driving the best and living in the nicest home. That doesn’t make you gay!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Yes indeed just take a view from some of the shows no straight man call themselves a queen are a bitch I mean tv is tv but that clown is GAy

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