Duggars & Bates Women Team Up For Special Girls’ Day: Photos

Esther Bates Instagram, Abbie Duggar

The Duggar and Bates women are enjoying a special outing together. The group of ladies got together and shared photos from the occasion with fans. Keep reading to get all of the details and check out the new photos.

If you’re a fan of these families, you may know that some of their kids are friends. Both families have 19 children and share many of the same beliefs.

Most of the Bates family lives in Tennessee. However, Nathan Bates and his wife, Esther, live in Arkansas. That’s also where most of the Duggars live, so Esther has made friends with Joy-Anna Forsyth, Abbie (John-David’s wife), and Katey (Jedidiah’s wife).

Esther Bates Instagram Joy-Anna Forsyth (Duggar) Instagram

On social media, the ladies have documented a few of their special get-togethers for fans to see. They held a Galentine’s Day party back in February. Then, a few of them went berry-picking this summer. Now, they’re enjoying more quality time together.

The Duggar & Bates women enjoy a special day out.

On Instagram this week, Esther Keyes Bates shared a few new photos while hanging out with this same group of friends once again. She wrote, “God sure knew what I needed when He gave me these friends! I just love y’all and our ‘girls days’ together!💞”

It looks like they went to get their nails done and also ate out together. Below, you can see the photos shared. The first photo features Abbie, Esther, Gabrielle, Tannan, Joy-Anna, and Katey. Abbie, Joy-Anna, and Katey are a part of the Duggar family, while Esther is Nathan Bates’ wife. Gabrielle and Tannan are a couple of other friends.

Esther Bates Instagram, Abbie Duggar Esther Bates Instagram, Abbie Duggar Esther Bates Instagram, Abbie Duggar

Both Abbie and Esther are pregnant right now. Abbie is having a baby boy in “late summer.” Esther is due to have a baby girl named Kenna Joy in October. Their friend, Tannan, is also expecting.

Fans gush over the beautiful new photos.

In the comments section of Esther’s new post, Bates and Duggar fans are obsessing over the great photos. They think the ladies are beautiful and are happy to see them bonding with one another. A fan of the families comments, “Great group of ladies you have for friends.”

Esther’s mother-in-law, Kelly Jo Bates, writes, “Love y’all’s fun adventures together!! So special!😍”

So, are you glad to see all of these ladies hanging out together? Did you know the Duggar and Bates women were still close? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about both families.

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