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Danielle Busby Shares Quints With Toy Guns, Fans Get Triggered

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This week, Danielle Busby shared a few photos of her children playing with toy guns. This new post triggered OutDaughtered fans and sent lots of negative attention her way. Keep reading to get all of the details about the situation.

As the Busbys prepare to head back to school soon, they have been enjoying fun activities, including going boating and hanging out at a water park. Now, they’re playing with toy guns, which didn’t go over so well on social media.

Danielle Busby, YouTube

Danielle Busby’s daughters play with toy guns in new photos.

In a new Instagram post on Thursday, Danielle Busby revealed to fans that her girls had a blast playing with toy guns. The mom of six posted a few photos of Blayke, Hazel, Riley, Parker, Ava, and Olivia, along with a few friends, playing laser tag together. The young girls posed with their laser tag guns.

In her caption, Danielle wrote, “Y’all!!! This was hilarious!! 🤣Watching 11 little girls play laser tag!! 😂🤪😂 Im not sure most of them knew what they were doing but it sure was entertaining to watch!”

Then, she added, “Girls wanna have fun.”

Below, you can see the photos of the girls posing with their laser tag guns.

Danielle Busby Instagram Danielle Busby Instagram Danielle Busby Instagram

While this might look like a harmless post featuring a fun outing for the quints and Blayke, fans have a different opinion.

OutDaughtered fans are outraged over the toy gun photos.

In the comments section of Danielle Busby’s post, fans are pouring in with negative reactions. Many of them dislike the fact that Danielle is letting her daughters play with guns and that she posted about it online, too.

Many fans are calling her out because they feel these photos are offensive so soon after the Uvalde, Texas school shooting.

Below, you can read through some of the negative comments Danielle Busby received. Some claim these photos are insensitive, while others think that she needs to just take the photos down. One fan writes, “So that’s what they teach in Texas. Wow after those 20 people were massacred.”

Another wonders whether Danielle is “clueless or insensitive.”

Danielle Busby Instagram

Four hours after posting the photos, they are still up on Danielle’s page. So, we’ll have to see if she replies to the backlash or takes them down.

So, what do you think of the quints playing laser tag? Do you think it’s a big deal? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Danielle Busby’s family.

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  1. They are just girls let them have fun. Boys play with guns. Why can’t girls?? People don’t say anything about girls being in the army and I’m sure they have guns. So for the people who don’t like this than don’t look at it!!!!
    I hope you girls had fun. I love the pictures❤️

  2. It’s laser tag for criminey’s sake. It wasn’t like they were playing with airsoft guns or even cap guns. Laser tag is fun, keeps kids busy AND active. Take a chill pill peep. Should they change the name to laser tag apparatus out makers?

  3. Laser tag is fun but just seeing the pictures of the girls with guns can be insensitive, especially to those who have lost a family member to a shooting. I would NOT have known those were laser guns until your mentioned it in the comment. I am not an anti-gun advocate as I believe our 2nd Amendment is the ONLY reason we haven’t been overtaken by the globalists.

  4. I’m so disgusted by not the girls or Danielle but by the world. These are children and they are playing a game and I know there has been a lot of sadness but put your energy into making schools safe for our kids and stop bullying the parents that are doing their job and taking care of their kids. I love this family. I also hate that they are no longer available to watch grow up.

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