‘DWTS’: Carrie Ann Inaba Addresses Complaints On Disney+ Move

Carrie Ann Inaba from The Talk

Carrie Ann Inaba has been part of the Dancing With The Stars universe since the beginning. But over the years, many fans have fallen away from the show for one reason or another.

A lot of the drama started just ahead of Season 29 when the show fired Tom Bergeron and replaced him with Tyra Banks. Now, fans are threatening to stop watching the show if it doesn’t go back to its normal timeslot on ABC.

While Carrie Ann Inaba is sad to lose audience members, she says that she really hopes the fandom can just move forward as a family.

Carrie Ann Inaba acknowledges angry DWTS fans

Since the DWTS exec team announced that Season 31 would air on Disney+ instead of ABC, fans have complained about the decision. A lot of older people love watching Dancing With The Stars in the fall and don’t have streaming services. These audience members feel pretty alienated and hurt that they won’t be able to participate this season.

After announcing she was back from her social media break, Carrie Ann Inaba took some time to address the angry fans on her Facebook page.

Carrie Ann Inaba from Instagram
Carrie Ann Inaba/Instagram

“Just reading all your comments yesterday. I am so grateful for the words of [encouragement] and the sharing of your own journeys. It helps others to know that we are all going through unique journeys… and we all have challenges in our lives,” the 54-year-old judge began. “I’m heartbroken to hear so many people saying they won’t be joining us on dwts this season. We’ve always been a family for so long…All of us, the dancers, the hosts, the judges, the production team, the creatives and hair and make up and stylists and lighting and set design…. And YOU. I hope you will be able to stay connected to us. I will be posting lots of content from my socials so I hope that will help you stay connected. Family is forever.”

Many fans took the time to wish Carrie Ann well, but sadly said they wouldn’t tune in this season. The shift to Disney+ has greatly upset many fans.

Carrie Ann Inaba from Facebook
Carrie Ann Inaba/Facebook

The judge previously advocated for change

In previous interviews, Carrie Ann Inaba acknowledged that some fans would probably have issues getting used to the changes. She noted that no one really likes change, but it can be good.

“It’s a little bit different,” the judge told E! “I think the difference is maybe live voting across the country. Maybe there’s gonna be some things that will come along with the scripts that I think people are gonna love. People don’t always like change, but I think they’ll adapt.”

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