‘Today’ Host Sam Brock ‘Flips The Bird’ On Screen?

'Today' Host Sam Brock 'Flips The Bird' On Screen?

Today host Sam Brock shocked the viewers at home. He almost flipped the bird on-screen. The host made the NSFW gesture while talking about airplane seats. Traveling has caused its share of stress due to airline staffing shortages.

Revenge traveling and the pandemic have made the friendly skies not-so-friendly. Sam took part in a segment about airplane seats, which also make traveling uncomfortable. However, Sam didn’t appear unnerved as he started his report from the airport. He smiled as he accidentally made the on-air gesture before his segment.

Sam Brock Airplane Segment [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]

Did the Today Show host make an NSFW gesture?

On Monday’s broadcast, the Today host stood in a black blazer with a white button-up shirt. Sam Brock had a big smile on his face as he held up his hand and accidentally flipped the camera. The show reposted the segment on its official Twitter page. Savannah Guthrie talked about the size of airplane seats.

Host Craig Melvin explained the situation. Fellow co-host Hoda Kotba introduced the viewers to Sam, who was at an airport. Hoda joked about his height. She shared that he would need a larger seat.

“Five foot-six Sam Brock joins us from Miami International airport with the details,” Hoda said before adding, “Big stretch — six five.”

Sam Brock Flipped The Bird? [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
The camera panned over to the NBC News Correspondent. Sam Brock stood there and shook his head. He still had a smile on his face though. Hoda then added, “Six-five” as he held up his middle finger to the camera. Sam made the on-screen blooper before the segment began.

The journalist realized that he was on the air. He held up another finger as if to give the peace sign. “Flip it. Six five. Yes, I am tall. That is part of this story as well,” Sam joked. He carried on with the rest of the segment without jokes and gestures. He accidentally flipped the screen when Hoda was speaking.

Sam Brock’s segment disappeared from Twitter

However, Sam Brock’s segment disappeared from Twitter since it made the news. It’s also not featured in the YouTube video. They probably didn’t want fans to discuss the incident. This comes amid Hoda’s rumored feud with Savannah.

Fans noticed the tension between the two. Savannah went missing from her seat for the past few episodes. However, she officially returned to her seat this week. However, that hasn’t stopped the rumors about their feud from swirling.

Savannah also suffered her own on-air blunder. On Monday, August 1, she revealed on her Instagram Story that she had a wardrobe malfunction. Savannah wore her blouse backward. But, she got through the show with a smile.

Did you happen to check out Sam Brock’s latest segment? Did you notice that he almost flipped the camera? What are your thoughts on the Today Show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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